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  1. slptobe!

    Do people actually get off waitlists?

    There's always a chance! I looked on the UNC FAQ page and it said that 30% of the students on their waitlist get off of it. Obviously it depends on the school and the year and everything, but have hope! I am trying to
  2. slptobe!

    "low" GPA acceptances

    I didn't do too great my first year and that pulled my overall gpa down when it was time to apply. I looked for programs that had accepted lower gpa applicants and some that also looked primarily at your last 60 units, which I had a higher gpa in. As long as you do your research and have many slp related experiences to write about in your personal statement and talk about if there are interviews, then it can happen! I just got my first acceptance after a bunch of rejections and waitlists (see signature) and it was so much more exciting then getting into undergrad. You can do it!
  3. I haven't heard from NAU either. I'm sure the notifications are coming, it's the worst waiting! And no matter what happens, it will all work itself out.
  4. slptobe!


    I am! It makes me think it's not great news
  5. slptobe!

    UC-Boulder Acceptance

    I personally loved Boulder as a town, it is a lot of people packed into a little space, but it is incredibly beautiful. There is nothing like having the mountains so close like that. But yes, it is also incredibly expensive depending on your living situation and spending habits. I grew up in southern California, so it was not as much of a shock for me, and similarly for others so there are a lot of people from California that move to Boulder. It is a very eco-friendly hippie kind of place because of the magnificent nature there, but that is who I am as well so I personally loved it. I lived off campus, but still extremely close to the campus in Boulder. You could commute, but the parking in Boulder is pretty difficult at times, so if you don't get a parking permit you have to find a good routine. There are buses that go all over as well that are pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it, I had a free bus pass as an undergrad student, so I used those frequently. I have a car, but you could get around without one as well by using the bus, a bike, walking, etc. I loved Boulder, but did grow tired of it over the three years, but it will always hold a special place in my heart. Of course! If you have more, I would love to share.
  6. slptobe!

    UC-Boulder Acceptance

    I did my undergrad here if anyone has any specific questions!
  7. slptobe!

    Washington State University Interview

    I had mine on the 19th, I think they did all of their interviews that week and some the week after. Do they interview all their potentials?
  8. slptobe!

    Northern Arizona University, Full-Time

    I haven't heard yet, the waiting is terrible!
  9. slptobe!

    SoCal Applicants!

    It was definitely frustrating because I was born in California and grew up there, hadn't lived anywhere else until I went to college. But because I went out of state for undergrad, it changed things in terms of being an obvious resident I suppose.
  10. slptobe!

    Nerves after interview

    This is me!! You’re not alone, I just hope I answered what they were looking for without sounding rushed.
  11. slptobe!

    SoCal Applicants!

    I had to send in multiple sets of forms to SDSU and one to SJSU! I had to send all of my transcripts all the way back to kindergarten after being told the previous set of forms was not enough to prove it!
  12. slptobe!

    Online Neuro Of Communication Course

    I’m taking one online at longwood university right now!
  13. slptobe!

    Fear of not getting in anywhere

    Don't lose hope! I definitely agree with the parent support, I had the same problem. Even if you feel that maybe your schools were out of reach, you never know! There's no perfect equation that gets you into schools. Also, you had two interviews! That says something!
  14. slptobe!

    SoCal Applicants!

    Thank you!!!! I have a feeling good news is coming for you!
  15. slptobe!

    SoCal Applicants!

    I'm from so cal! I applied to 12 schools, I applied to 5 in state and the rest out of state. I went to my undergrad at CU Boulder, so a lot of the so cal grad programs have way more pre-reqs that I would have to take so I didn't apply to all the ones I intended to originally. I would prefer to move back, but I have had to prove my residency several times for tuition purposes which was a hassle. If anyone has any questions about schools, I might be able to help!

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