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  1. slptobe!

    Roommates for USC and NAU ?!

    I've only personally seen them on Facebook or Craigslist for CU Boulder where I did my undergrad, there would be like groups/pages for sublets, but I'm sure you could also find them on apps as well. I just haven't used any of them.
  2. slptobe!

    2019 Speech Pathology Graduate Applications

    Hi everyone! I know I'm super late to the game on this one, but the waiting is killing me already so here it goes at a distraction. - Where are you from? I'm from southern California, but also live in Colorado because I went to CU Boulder for undergrad. - Which programs are you applying to? I'm applying to the schools listed on my sign off, so no reason listing them again I guess. - What are your biggest concerns about applications? I have several large concerns about applications. The first one is that I do not feel I am competitive enough and I just want to get into one school, I have a lot of experience, but my gpa is set off because my first year at uni was a tough one to get used to. I also wish my gre scores were higher. My second concern is forgetting something and getting disqualified, I am extremely organized and did the best I could with all the apps, but it did happen! I accidentally sent transcripts to the wrong place for one school and didn't get any reminder emails until after the deadline, so I'm not being considered anymore My third biggest concern contains a lot of "what if's", if I do get into somewhere, and if I can afford it, I'm afraid it will be so difficult for me to attend. If it's not in the location I am hoping for (close to home), it might be too difficult. My father is very sick and my hope is that I can be there for both my parents being closer to home. Good luck to everyone! I believe in you, it only takes one.
  3. slptobe!

    Roommates for USC and NAU ?!

    If I were you, I would look into subletting. Especially for summers, students get really desperate to fill their room for the summer as they go home or study abroad. Often time, the room will be a reduced rent and furnished. Facebook usually has groups for these!
  4. slptobe!

    Should I retake the GRE?

    Magoosh all the way!! They have phone apps, books, online resources, etc.
  5. slptobe!

    Thank You's For LOR's

    Oh that's a good idea! Thank you!
  6. I was thinking of thanking my LOR's with a little gift card or just small holiday thank you gift, especially the faculty members because they have so much going on and I just wanted them to know how much I appreciate them taking the time. Is that weird? I don't know what they would like though, any suggestions? Thank you!
  7. slptobe!

    LOR Reminders

    I was just looking for advice on this subject because I am in the exact same position! I've been so nervous about asking again, but I know I need to. Thank you for the encouragement!
  8. slptobe!


    CONGRATS!!!!!! Where was the school you got into? It can be done, thank you! Time to celebrate!!!
  9. slptobe!

    worried about not getting things in on time

    For some schools, you can send them in after the due date I think? CSDCAS has a spot to put what date you plan to take it on the application and then depending on the schools they will be accepted a couple weeks after I believe.
  10. The California State University- San Marcos doesn't require letters or GRE scores, they require a video responding to a prompt instead!
  11. slptobe!

    What is your plan B?

    My plan B is somewhat fuzzy, I'm hoping to get in somewhere! I'm applying to a lot of schools because I'm nervous I won't. Right now, I'm taking a gap year so if I do not get in anywhere, I think I will try to become an SLPA. Where I did my undergrad offers a really good program, and then I can work while I keep applying.
  12. slptobe!

    Swap Personal Statements for Edits?

    Sorry, forgot to quote! If you want to, message me and I would love to!
  13. slptobe!

    Swap Personal Statements for Edits?

    Awesome! Message me and we can swap!
  14. Hi everyone! I am working on my personal statements and need some more eyes to look at them! I would be willing to help you on yours as well if you would like, I used to edit papers for people through high school and undergrad. But that being said, I have a hard time when it comes to writing them myself! I would love more opinions and what not, let me know if you are interested!!
  15. slptobe!

    SLP study abroad programs

    I took a trip this summer to Belize with Therapy Abroad! I did the undergrad program, but they have a grad program as well. If you have any questions, PM me!

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