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  1. slptobe!

    Plan B

    I had a couple of options, but I probably would have tried to get my SLPA while working and then gone onto apply again(probably retake the GRE to get a higher score if possible). I also could have gone abroad to teach with my certificate from undergrad, but that would've been difficult for my personal situation.
  2. slptobe!

    Prerequisites Courses Grades

    I think it depends on the school, when I was applying on CSDCAS they had different required grades between schools. But I also had a B- on my physics requirement when it said I needed a 3.0 soooooo, maybe as long as it's close?
  3. slptobe!

    Opinions on these schools?

    Where are you ending up going? Congrats!!!
  4. slptobe!

    Opinions on these schools?

    I'm not sure about all of them but I know UW has options for both, where as SJSU is a bit more school focused. I can't really remember about San Marcos. But usually if you look through ASHA EdFind and their page on the program online, you can find more. Good luck!
  5. slptobe!

    Opinions on these schools?

    I applied to a couple of theses schools! I applied to San Marcos as well but sent my transcripts to the wrong place by accident 😕 but it probably wouldn’t have worked out anyway if I got an interview. Are you looking for more of a medical background or more towards the school/education side?
  6. slptobe!

    Facebook Groups for Programs

    There’s one for the 2 year program, but some from the 3 year are in it too!
  7. slptobe!

    Concordia University Wisconsin

    CONGRATS! I read the other thread you posted on, it warms my heart that you got in! YAY!
  8. slptobe!

    SoCal Applicants!

    Has anyone on the waitlist heard from Redlands?
  9. slptobe!

    SLP Declining Offers Thread 2019

    I declined my spots at WSU, EWU, and UNC. Good luck to everyone!
  10. slptobe!

    WSU/EWU Facebook Group?

    I actually have committed to San Jose State as of right now, but thank you!
  11. slptobe!

    Speech pathology

    I think there are things that can offset low numbers, you could retake things, that's an option. What's your last 60 units gpa? I truly did not think I would get in anywhere this year, but it happened! Something I think is important for applications is that when you are applying somewhere, make sure to mention why the program is a good fit for you. For me, I want to do multilingual stuff so I got a certificate that showed that in undergrad and tried to reflect it in my volunteer places and where I applied. And then in your personal statement, mention a few professors/faculty members you would like to work with if given the chance and why their research/specialty interests you. And if you have interviews, make sure to ask questions! When you ask good questions, they know you are interested and have a motivation to attend. If you need help, message me I would love to help in any way! You can do it!
  12. slptobe!

    Chapman University

    I did too! Can’t complain since I was expecting a rejection.
  13. slptobe!

    When to give up? SLP Grad School

    Everyone already mentioned some great things on here. I think the only thing I would add is to make sure when writing your personal statement, make sure to mention a couple professors/faculty members you would like to work with/learn from if accepted into the program and how they're projects line up with your focus. Oh, and if you have interviews, make sure to think of a few good questions you would like to know about the program. Because, for me, I was so nervous that it just worked better. If this is your passion, you have many cheerleaders just wishing you luck. That's one of my favorite things about this profession, the people!
  14. These are both such great options, so first congrats! I have been to both of these locations, but only the Spokane campus as far as actually seeing what being in the program would be like. I feel like the locations have similarities in many ways, and like mentioned there are some similarities in the programs. If you decide for the WSU one, let me know!
  15. slptobe!

    Chapman University

    Yes I’m expecting that, but I don’t want to accept to EWU before I know for certain.

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