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  1. Yes I'm still waiting from them as well! My interview with them felt really cold. I think they are going to be a great program down the line once they work out the kinks. Thankfully I already committed to a school
  2. Thanks so much, it's hard now that everything is online now!
  3. Just declined Brooklyn College, Lehman College, and Teachers College, Columbia and I will be attending Queens College! I hope this helps someone out, they are all amazing programs and it was difficult to choose. 😊 💫
  4. Hi guys! I have just been accepted into my top graduate school for speech-language pathology. I am extremely thankful and I should be over the moon but I'm honestly crippled with imposter syndrome. Anyone else in a similar position? lol
  5. I don't think it is a con to be a monolingual in this program, but I do think if you were bilingual this is the best program for bilingual SLP. My friend is actually super swamped with adjusting to teletherapy at the moment so I don't want to bother. The program has changed a bit since she graduated this past year as now you start in clinic right away. I think it would be better to talk to a current student. On TC's admitted student site I saw that there are certain hours where you can text with a student ambassador in your program. I would check that out!
  6. Overall, she thoroughly enjoyed the program. She is bilingual, and this a major focus at TC alongside multiculturalism. She loved all of her classes. However, she did seem bogged down by student loans and is working two jobs as a CF
  7. I think it depends on your long term as well. A friend of mine was accepted into TC and Northeastern, but he was holding out to get into state school due to the ability to graduate debt-free. Northeastern is great if you are interested in medical SLP because you are in Boston, where there are many hospitals and opportunities to get experience in that aspect of SLP. A friend of mine that went to TC did her hospital externship in Jersey City because of how competitive it is to secure a hospital externship in NYC.
  8. No problem!! I attend Queens College for undergrad and have observed in their clinic if you have any more questions. QC is my top but among the schools I have been accepted to I'm actually leaning towards Lehman College now after speaking to more people about their program. They have an aphasia group and an accent modification group which is really interesting to me! I am also waiting to hear from Brooklyn College as well, and am looking to get more information about their program as well. Feel free to message me privately if you'd like!
  9. Congratulations!!!! After doing some research I got info from people I reached out to. Hands down Queens College has the most exceptional clinical experience as it is a very small program and you will get plenty of individual attention. You start in the clinic right away but the clinic educators guide their students very well. Lehman College does not start right away but they said themselves that they guide their students and hold their hand along the way. Lehman has lots of electives in topics such as AAC, early intervention, and medical SLP that I did not notice at Queens College. Both are g
  10. I just declined Molloy College and St. John's University
  11. thats what it seems, unfortunately
  12. Lehman College: https://www.facebook.com/groups/535069770761016/
  13. They're all great programs. I think Molloy is the smallest of those, and it seems to be a really tight-knit community. The campus is cute and their clinic is pretty big, with lots of equipment. They also have a mission trip to Jamaica that looks like an amazing opportunity. I have a friend at LIU Post that really likes it as well, and they have great externship opportunities.
  14. @zurako Thank you so much for your thoughtful response! After being rejected by Hunter and still waiting on Queens, it's looking like I am between Lehman and Teachers College. Lehman has a multicultural and bilingual focus as well, and no thesis. The prestige of the Ivy League is certainly enticing, however if I went to Lehman I would fortunately not have any loans or debt. I live in Queens, so TC a is a little closer via train. I also have a few friends that will be attending TC. I'm torn!!
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