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  1. Hi guys! I was wondering if there is anyone who went the SLPA route in CA or who has info about that. Experience from other states is welcome too! I have to wait a year to apply to graduate school so I'm considering the SLPA route until I can start graduate school. I don't want to do an associate program because by the end of the year I will have the equivalent of a bachelor's in speech pathology. As far as I understand from the CA SLP website (https://www.speechandhearing.ca.gov/applicants/app_pack_slp_assist.shtml ) if I get fieldwork experience on top of my bachelor's degree I can get SLPA
  2. Embarrassing Fixed the error myself, if you are out of state taking the online program make sure you mark “out of state” when putting in the search information while registering for classes. Otherwise even if it says online course you will be charged a completely different tuition than the online $359 per credit.
  3. Ok I'm freaking out. Just looked at the bill for the online sap 2nd bachelor program and it's more than 13,000 for the first semester. Please tell me that's a mistake. I am out of state, but it clearly says everywhere I've checked that online classes for out of state students is tuition only, $359 per credit. I enrolled in 18 credits, how is this 13,000?? I'm calling the financial office tomorrow, but I'm freaking out and just wanted to see if maybe someone else has been billed wrong or went last year and knows the cost.
  4. This is for anyone that ends up in the same boat as me and needs information. I went with the Utah State University's online 2nd Bachelor's Program. I received confirmation from Western Washington University that USU will fulfill their prerequisites except for the "Anatomy & Physiology of Speech and Hearing Mechanisms" prerequisite which I will take as a non-cohort student with the CSU San Marcos prerequisite online program. If you happen to be looking at CSU schools that have prerequisites like "Voice Disorders," USU does not have these as part of the post-bacc program, but they do teach
  5. Thank you for your answer! It's good to know that at-least some schools accept and then let you full-fill missing prerequisites))
  6. Thank you for your answer! It's good to know that at-least some schools accept and then let you full-fill missing prerequisites))
  7. Maybe someone has noticed all the post-bacc related questions by me and if you have, I apologize. As of right now I've narrowed down my decision to these two. A lot of people are saying USU is great and I've actually already taken a course with them, but the soonest I can start with them for the 2nd Bachelor's Program is spring cohort. I need to check with USU on when spring cohort ends, but I'm guessing that if I do spring cohort, I can't apply to grad-school for Fall 2021. Anyone have experience with spring cohort? Also I would need to take an Anatomy&Physiology class elsewhere (I know a
  8. Since you have guaranteed admission for 2021, I would ask myself whether waiting a year would be wasting a year of time or not. In a way I have to wait a year too, while I get prerequisites done and school starts for 2021 (hopefully not 2022). I was upset when I realized this but then I started looking for things related to speech pathology like working at a lab or getting a job as an ABA technician and this made the wait feel much more worthwhile. Your situation is very different, so there may not be anything that will make the wait not feel like you are waisting time. If waiting a year won't
  9. Thank you! That was so helpful, I want to apply to San Francisco State and Portland University so that is really good to know! Also congratulations on all your acceptances and your decision
  10. Hi! Trying to find the right pos-bacc program (in terms of prerequisites fulfilling potential grad schools) and I need a bit of help. So, I'm wondering: 1. What post-bacc programs did you choose and complete? 2. What schools for grad-school where you accepted into? Was it conditional? 3. Did you take any prerequisite (SLP) classes outside of your post-bacc program? Also how did you decipher the prerequisite class names and descriptions? Any tips? Any class titles that you know are equivalent to each other? I've tried e-mailing and calling academic advisors but so far, I
  11. Hi! You got into a lot of the grad schools I want to apply to. I'm looking for a suitable post-bacc program and was wondering if you majored in Speech Pathology or did a post-bacc. If you got a post-bacc, what school? Thank you!
  12. Hi! Trying to figure out which post-bacc to take and I was wondering which grad schools you applied to matched their prerequisites to the Longwood post bacc program. Thank you!
  13. Hi, random, but did you do a post-bacc for SLP? Some of the schools you got into are the ones I would like to get into and I'm deciding on the most suitable (prerequisite wise) post bacc program. Thank you!
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