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  1. Update: they said I wouldn't have to reapply, I can retake the class and I can defer admission, and start 2021... just still not sure its worth the wait. I was really looking forward to getting started with my career.
  2. Hello all... I have myself in a tricky situation. I was admitted to my local state university, on the condition that I finish my last 2 prerequisites. Unfortunately, I ended up with a D in one of the classes... I had a medical issue at the beginning of the semester, and couldn't catch up. I already gave notice to my job and they have hired a replacement for me, and I also moved to a new apartment to be closer to this university. The state school is now telling me that I will have to retake the course in the fall, and then reapply for next year....they are unwilling to be flexible a
  3. So I messed up.... It is not something I am proud of, but I am hoping to overcome this. I was a little overwhelmed this summer with covid, working, and taking too many classes, and I ended up using my notes on an online exam and am now charged with cheating for one class. I am due to start grad school in the fall, and this is one of my last prereqs that I needed to finish... Does anyone have advice on how to tell my grad school?? ( the class I was cheating is a different school than my grad program) Do you think they will still let me do the grad program? I am hoping that they will j
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