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  1. Hey Liza!! Yes I currently have my advisor and an SLP professor writing me letters of rec. Crazy how things can change so quickly. I almost didn't ask my advisor but then I thought about it, and she is the closest acadmic relationship I have. My advisor has seen my successes and difficulties and is the one who can speak to my academic journey the most acurately. I'm glad to hear you were also able to to gain more letters of rec it sounds like you are still short one though. You could always ask your academic advisor. Honestly they know us better than most of our professors and they see our gra
  2. Hey Jackie, I am also trying to figure this out. I sent an email to the student achievement office of my university and they sent me a very generic link to a list of job applications and told me just to switch all the job portions to academic successes. I was able to email my advisor who was a bit more helpful. I will email you what she sent me, but I suggest reaching out to your student success department to see if anyone at your university can be more helpful.
  3. Hey so sorry to hear the core program wont be available till 2022. I am also looking into Washington. However, I want to focus on the medSLP program. I'm not sure if you have looked into Boston University. Boston University has a really cool option where you can apply to do your Masters and PhD simultaneously. Most PhD programs are research intensive so I would definitely check that out.
  4. Hey Liza I'm currently having a very similar problem. I asked one of my supervisors at my job (working in an elementary school, for a tutoring program). However that is my only LOR at this moment. Last semester one of the professors I was planning on asking prior to COVID, turned out to be awful and dealt with the online switch/students very poorly. Long story short that professor was going to be my 2nd LOR and after everything that happened during COVID I could no longer ask. I am sort of freaking out as well, because all the programs I plan to apply to ask for 3 LOR. I was thinking of asking
  5. Hey I am applying this Fall 2021 also. However, I am applying for speech pathology. You are applying for a lot of the same programs I have been looking into. How is the apps process going for you so far? Honestly I am feeling overwhelmed.
  6. Hey Estel. You have applied to alot of the programs I am looking into for the next round of applications. I am wondering did you use a study program for the GRE? If so what program did you use? I am currently looking into Magoosh.
  7. Hi all, I have a similar question. How did everyone complete their observation hours and earn their experience? I am just completing the first year of my bachelors program for CSDO. I have purchased some GRE books to get a early start on my pre. Any advise for volunterring or how to start actually getting observation hours before graduate school? I just want to be prepared.
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