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  1. I applied to 9 and was admitted to 8. I think it's better to apply to a smaller-ish number (<10) that you can write really strong and personalized essays for, than it is to apply to 15-20 random schools with a generic personal statement. I would recommend doing a lot of research on the schools you're applying for. It isn't worth the time and effort to applying to a bunch of schools that you know you wouldn't be able to afford, that don't offer significant funding opportunities, etc. Pick schools that you're really excited about and work hard to make those few applications really strong! That's not to say that you shouldn't apply to your dream schools-- but research their tuition, funding opportunities, clinical model, research, etc ahead of time so you know what you're actually looking at. Getting in isn't always enough-- you want your application to be strong enough to get funding as well, if you're applying to an expensive school.
  2. I don't know anything about those schools in particular but here's what's on my pro/con list so far: Cost (including rent, moving costs, etc) Location Clinical education model Clinical placements Externships available Assistance finding CFY / jobs Opportunities for specialization Ability to start clinical work immediately Praxis pass rates On-time graduation rate Post-graduation employment rates Perceived organization of the program (do they seem organized/disorganized?) Research opportunities Cohort size What other factors are people considering?
  3. Update: I've also declined UW-Milwaukee, UMN-TC, and University of Arizona!
  4. I would recommend emailing them and asking for an update! Maybe they send out applications in waves, or maybe they had a technical difficulty, or maybe your application was marked incomplete or something.
  5. As far as I know, the universities aren’t completely shut down. Classes are moved remotely, and at some schools faculty and staff are encouraged not to come in, but those faculty and staff are working remotely. So it might delay things slightly just because of the adjustment to remote work, but I don’t expect it to cause too much of a disruption. I’ve heard back from all of my schools!
  6. An update: I got an email today offering me a $10,000 tuition waiver! Out-of-state tuition is astronomical though so it’s not enough unfortunately. I’ll be declining, so I hope that funding will be useful to someone else!
  7. Maybe that just means you’re on the wait list? But I feel like they should have told you that...
  8. I would maybe be worried if you haven’t heard back from UW-Madison. They sent out decisions February 7 and had their open house on March 7. Have you checked the application portal?
  9. I just declined Washington MedSLP, UIUC, St. Xavier, and my waitlist spot at UT Austin. Hope this helps someone!
  10. Hi all! Has anyone admitted to the University of Arizona received funding information yet? I'm hoping to receive some funding but I'm unclear on what's available and when it will be offered to us. I'd love to go there but out-of-state tuition is so expensive ☹️
  11. Hi all! Does anyone know when Vanderbilt will be sending out decisions this year? Their website says they typically send them out the first full week of March, which was last week. I know that Nashville was just hit by a tornado so it's possible that after-effects from that are delaying the admissions process. Just wondering if anyone has any insider info!
  12. Have you checked the portal? I think people that were rejected might have a decision in the portal immediately. I could be wrong though!
  13. I just got wait listed today. Disappointing but I probably couldn't have afforded it anyway. Congrats to those of you who got in!
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