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  1. Hello! I finished my prerequisites at the University of Vermont and Boulder and I have nothing but positive things to say about both. The professors were always available to answer my questions and you could tell they were passionate about the field/ teaching. They made sure to make the material engaging so it did not feel like you were forcing yourself to learn. None of the classes were a walk in the park but if you put in the time you will do well. For both programs some used online proctors. However, you will do fine as long as you do the reading and the work. I also worked full time
  2. Thank you both so much! That makes me feel a thousand times better
  3. Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone here had a similar resume as me and got into a graduate SLP program. I'm looking for out of field applicants with low out of field GPA (<3.0), high CSD GPA(>3,7), high GRE scores(>310 + >4.5), and years of experience? I have been fixated on my out of field GPA and it is starting to make me feel like my efforts are futile.
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