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  1. I'll definitely look into the Manhattan Prep GRE books, I'm willing to try any and everything at this point, haha! Do you have any tips on feeling more confident in a personal statement? I struggle writing about myself, and I really never had that "aha" moment, but each additional experience I have in the field just makes me feel more and more confident that this is where I belong. The teletherapy aide position is definitely interesting! Outside of COVID-19 times, it would be sort of like a summer class kind of thing, but instead its been moved to be virtual (duh). BUT, we just work on targeti
  2. It's comforting to know I'm not the only one that struggles with standardized testing hahah. I will have to really dedicate some time into the Magoosh prep stuff and it's nice to know that you felt like it bumped up your score! It's cool to hear from a fellow midwesterner, would you say its different from everywhere else competition wise in a positive or negative way? Thank you so much for the kind words!!
  3. Thank you for the kind words! I'll definitely have to take a look at GregMat, I haven't heard of that before! I also wasn't aware about that superscore stuff, I'll have to do a bit more research on what the schools I am applying to say. Thank you again!
  4. Hi all! I am currently going into my last semester of undergrad, set to graduate with a BA in CSD in December 2020. I started at community college in 2016, and took a gen-ed biology course and received a D. I am set to retake a biology course this fall, but will it look bad on applications to have that D grade? It's my only D and I'm scared that they will think I don't meet the requirements. Hopefully this question makes sense, thank you!
  5. Hi everybody! I am relatively new to this forum and have spent all morning reading through posts all morning! I know my post will likely get lost in the sea of similar posts, but I would really appreciate some words of encouragement. I am currently going into my final semester of undergrad (majoring in CSD, graduating December 2020), I have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 and a CSD GPA of 3.9. I do not feel very confident in my personal statement, but I still have time to doll it up a bit more. I am currently volunteering as a teletherapy aide for a summer literacy program for a private speech c
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