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  1. Hey everyone! Just wondering if anybody has heard back from CSUF after the open house? I heard they don't send out rejections and I know we were told we'd hear back by Friday 3/12 otherwise we weren't accepted. But I haven't seen anyone get accepted from CSUF on the results page yet. So any insight would help! Thank you.
  2. Hi! I applied to CSULB, CSUF, SDSU, SFSU, CSULA, CSUN, and Chapman (all California schools). Cumulative GPA (3.8) SLP GPA (4.0) GRE (149 V, 153 Q, 5 AW)
  3. So I'm currently in the process of deciding what schools to apply to and I'm considering San Francisco State University, however, I don't see many posts about it on here and was wondering if anybody could give some insight about the program? I like that it has a bilingual program and how diverse the area is in terms of settings like schools, clinics, hospitals, etc. However, since I'm from OC I don't know if I would be able to handle moving there. Cost of living is extremely pricey and I just don't know how I would go about settling in to a different city with no connections, especially such a
  4. I'm so sorry you have that on your plate on top of all the other overwhelming current issues 😕 I would personally choose to go to the private university. Although I wouldn't be too happy about the price and debt, I would think of it as allowing myself to attain a career as an SLP one year sooner, which would allow me to pay back that debt with my SLP salary anyway. (This might be different for you as everyone has their own financial priorities) There is no guarantee your local university would accept you again, and if you feel that a gap year is not for you then I would go ahead and continue w
  5. Hi everyone! I'm currently an undergraduate SLP major and I will apply to grad schools in California in the Fall. I took the GRE recently and received such low scores. On my practice tests I would get anywhere from 150-160 on both V & Q. However, I got 147 V & 148 Q on the actual test, still waiting for my writing score. I have a 3.85 cumulative GPA, 4.0 in the major. I have worked in city recreation planning programs for teens of all abilities for the last 3 years (some had autism, hearing aids, ADHD). I have also worked as substitute special education instructional assistant in
  6. Hi everyone! I'm an undergraduate SLP student and I am about to complete my first semester at a cal state since I'm a community college transfer student. I feel behind because I did not put in the effort to meet with professors all semester and get to know them. I participate and ask questions in class every once and a while, but I'm simply just another student. However, I need a faculty member for programs and scholarships to be a recommender by late January. How should I approach them without being too pushy? I understand it's very late & I should have been putting in the effort. Any tip
  7. Hi everyone, I'm currently an SLP undergraduate at a local CSU. I'm interested in applying to graduate school in California but want to know what experience, test scores, GPA, etc I should have to remain competitive. Has anyone gotten accepted to the CSUF, CSULB, or Chapman SLP Grad program? If so, what were your stats related to scores/gpa/experience? Any advice as well?
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