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  1. I'm thinking of applying to this program, but I haven't heard anything about it so far. Would anyone be willing to share their experiences with this program or just any info about it? The specialties/focuses of the program (school v medical), the research labs, faculty, etc... I would appreciate any insight!
  2. @Cece93 Thank you for this reply! I agree with you a lot. I actually am interested in a research focused program, but U of Wash isn't offering their program til Autumn 2022 and I want to apply for Fall 2021 cycle. I originally wanted to attend this program bc of their CoreSLP program, which had a broad range of clinical focus, so a highly specialized program like Medical or. Educational SLP doesn't attract me too well. I think I'll attend their online info sessions and find out more info there!!
  3. I emailed the admissions office at U of Washington and they said that they are changing their curriculum to offer EdSLP, CoreSLP, and MedSLP. I want to apply to their CoreSLP program, but they are making it a research-focused program. I asked if I can apply to the CoreSLP program this year (for the Fall 2021 cycle), but they said they will only open apps for CoreSLP starting Fall 2022 cycle, and instead encouraged me to apply to EdSLP (more school-based) and MedSLP programs. Does anyone know about this change? If I don't want to specialize in Educational or Medical SLP, should I not apply
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