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  1. Hi Laurel, Your experiences are super impressive and speak for themselves. I thought it was well written and I think you have definitely earned a seat in any grad program with all you have already done in the field. Keep in mind though that I am only a prospective applicant and have no experience to judge letters of intent by. Best of luck to you!
  2. I would personally go for the second option (potentially higher GPA) if you feel confident you will do much better in that course.
  3. That's so frustrating to hear... I'm sorry for your situation. I have the opposite problem since I attended the online informational sessions during the height of the pandemic and corresponded with both schools to ask if they would be making any adjustments to the volunteer requirements due to Covid since my volunteer placements were cancelled and they had no such intentions then. I had to make peace that I couldn't apply in 2020. Now I find this out. I don't think there's sufficient time to make a good application before the deadline 😕 What would someone else do in this position?
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