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  1. Still waiting for University of Central FL! Last year they gave responses so late (early April) which sucks.
  2. I'm afraid so 😕 my financial aid email listed scholarships as well. You can always ask about work-study positions or GA positions. I was offered a work-study position and after speaking to my friend who attends there I learned not everyone accepts theirs. So if there are spots available you may be able to get one! If you want more specific info you can PM me
  3. Hi! When I got my acceptance email, I received another email not 10 minutes later with financial aid information. And I would say the DOE scholarship is extremely competitive. My friend applied last year and did not get it. She's trilingual, excellent grades, extensive research experience and work experience. I also think the school you attend has something to do with it. They're more likely to pay for a cheaper school than TC, for example. I'm still debating whether or not I want to apply to this scholarship or go into the military after my CFY. I don't think I want to work in NY, let a
  4. Hi all, Thanks for your responses. I was put on NEU's waitlist which is why my email took so long I'm guessing! I will be declining my place on the waitlist so hopefully someone who wants it can get it!
  5. Thank you! If I don’t hear back by the 15th I will be calling them. I need at least a month to make my decision! Lol
  6. I heard back from Vanderbilt yesterday. I unfortunately did not get in! It was definitely a reach school so I’m not too bummed. Wishing the best for you!
  7. My top three choices canceled their admitted students days so I’m definitely having more trouble figuring out which program is for me. I spoke to someone from MGH and she said they’re working on either extending the final decision deadline which isnt mandated by the schools, but by a higher up.
  8. Hey all! So I interviewed at Northeastern Feb 21st and have yet to hear back from them about their decision. Everyone I know who has interviewed already received responses and I’ve been waiting for about 2 weeks now. Should I email them or call them? I’m thinking there may be a delay due to the coronavirus plaguing the Boston area, but I am dying of anxiety!
  9. Hi there! I’m definitely declining my offer to St. John’s University in NYC and I am very very likely to decline MGH IHP. Both programs are too expensive and I didn’t receive any financial aid at all. Still waiting on 3 more schools to respond!
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