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  1. A little far fetched, but I was wondering if this outbreak is affecting anyone's school decision? I was planning on attending UTHSC-SA open house next Friday, but was informed it is cancelled and will be live-streamed instead. I already have a flight booked and a place to stay, so I am still planning on going to San Antonio. Even though I'm a little nervous about flying at the moment, I can't make a decision to move halfway across the country sight unseen! I was wondering if anyone else is feeling a little panicked about making decisions, visiting any of the schools you got admitted to prio
  2. IS the school new, or just the speech program?
  3. Are there any current UT San Antonio students on here that could talk about the speech program a bit? Do clinicals start in the first semester? Is a thesis required? Do you feel adequately prepared for the praxis and the real- world jobs? How is student life? Living in San Antonio? Etc etc... Thanks in advance!
  4. I"ve taken 7 classes through longwood, and I've enjoyed them. You just have to stay on top of everything. As mentioned, some professors are better than others, but that's the case everywhere. All of my tests are done through honorlock, so your computer camera films you as you take the test. Most teachers just post slides, but I've had at least 2 post audio from the class lectures. Some have weekly chat sessions where they are available to talk bout the class, but honestly I was the only one that ever showed up ( I recommend showing up for any optional chat times, at least a handful of tim
  5. @snaileywhaley did you say you want to do your level one sommelier course? I've passed both levels one and two through the Court of Master Sommeliers and worked as a sommelier for the past few years, now waiting to hear back from grad schools for SLP. I also am interviewing at Midwestern next week...Best of luck! It will definitely keep your mind off waiting.
  6. I am also applying to UW for their coreSLP program and had similar questions as you! My reasoning is the same, but also I don't plan on being in a hospital or medical facility. I don't think its contradictory that even though you have an eventual goal of the medical field, you want to be in the core program. Being well versed in a variety of settings is a great thing! You can swing it as beiing prepared for a diverse field, keeping options open, bringing multiple perspectives to the medical side, etc.
  7. I'm also from an even more outside field (international studies, and for the past six years, I've been working in hospitality). I feel your nervousness, but plenty of people have been accepted from outside fields. If you have solid grades in speech pre-reqs and can write a good statement, then there's a good chance! I like to think that being from an outside field is a positive thing, as I'm adding a different perspective. I also refuse to go down the rabbit hold of reading where people apply, where they interview, whether or not they get in. There seems to be very little rhyme or reas
  8. Has anyone ever gone outside the US for their masters (in a country that is in the Mutual Recognition Agreement with ASHA) and come back to the US to practice? Did you have difficulty getting licensed in the US? Pros and cons of your experience? Debating applying to a couple abroad programs but want to know if it's worth the time and effort that an international application is. Thanks!
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