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  1. I've looked around and there are sooo many apartments within a less than a 20 minute drive from campus. A little pricey because of the location but there is definitely no shortage of apartments in the area. Once you get your MySalus login info you can check out the housing page which has a lot of suggestions.
  2. I just waited until I got my letter because there are multiple forms you have to send back (deposit, observation hour verification, demographics form) so I just waited. I'm so excited for the fall! Are you by any chance looking for an apartment? I feel like I'm the only person in the program so far who isn't from Philadelphia
  3. Yay that's exciting! I got my formal acceptance letter about a week after I was accepted by email. I sent in my deposit on Monday so I'm checking in daily to see if they've gotten it yet haha
  4. Congratulations, that's awesome! Do you think you'll accept?
  5. I'm sure you did much better than you think! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  6. slptobe92

    Philadelphia, PA

    I'll be attending Salus University in the fall and am looking for an apartment. I'm from 6 hours away so right now I'm just looking online. Is it totally impossible to find a studio or 1-bedroom for $600 or under in the Elkins Park/Abington/Jenkintown area? I'd like to be 25 minutes from the campus, max. I'm also probably going to have a dog with me but I'm not 100% sure yet. I really really want to live alone but all the studios and 1-bedrooms I've seen so far start at $750 and I just can't afford that at all. If anyone has any ideas I'd really appreciate it!
  7. To anyone who's been accepted - how long after you got the email did you get your official letter in the mail? I'm so anxious to officially accept the offer!
  8. I decided on Salus University and I'm so excited! It's the only school I was accepted to (I was waitlisted at one other school) but honestly it's such a great program I would have picked it regardless. It's a smaller school and only graduate students, which I love because undergrad was not my favorite time. It's all health sciences professional programs, too, so I'll have the opportunity to work alongside OT's, audiologists, etc. while still in school. The campus is beautiful and in a super cute part of town. It'll be the farthest I've ever been from home but it's still drivable which makes it less intimidating. The tuition is also surprisingly affordable for a private school and is the same for in and out of state students. I applied to 10 schools on the east coast so I would have a better chance. Turns out all you need is just one school that wants you!
  9. Thank you! I didn't have the best stats on paper in terms of GPA. 3.0 undergraduate and 3.34 post bacc. 154/149/4.0 gre. I think my interview went really well and that probably pushed me over the top. Have you been asked to interview?
  10. I'm in neurology at Longwood right now and I actually really love it! The material is interesting and the quizzes are usually short and to the point, not a huge pile of information. You have assignments due usually every two weeks so it's not too much to handle at all.
  11. Salus University https://www.facebook.com/groups/160335097693517/175575142836179/?notif_t=like&notif_id=1461474034509132
  12. yay! I'm super excited. thanks for the link!
  13. Thank you! It still doesn't feel real. I keep re-reading the email over and over again! Did you decide to interview?
  14. Is there a facebook group for the class of 2018? I just got accepted today and I'm so excited!
  15. Has anyone gotten off the wait list at Old Dominion University?
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