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  1. I am trying to register for Eng 503 (since my GRE wasn't the best) and I can't do CSD 438 until Spring
  2. Well... I just retook my GRE today and received 143 on both verbal and math. I am debating on whether or not I should try one more time before I apply or just start applying tomorrow (when CSDCAS opens).
  3. Thank you so much ❤️ I love hearing about others experiences and I really appreciate the motivation! ❤️
  4. Hello everyone, I am kinda freaking out right now because idk if I will get accepted into an SLP Master's Program. I know that it's a very competitive field and I don't have the best statuses. Here are my stats, Overall GPA 3.3, Major GPA 3.5, GRE: 139V 142Q 3.0AW (I know its bad Dx). I am planning to retake the GRE one more time before August and hoping to get in the 150's (I've been using Magoosh and it's been helping. The practice tests say I would probably score 145-150, but I still have a month til my test). I currently live in Nevada and there's only one Master's program here. I am currently looking at these schools: Old Dominion, Hampton University, distance programs such as Nova and NYU Steinfield, Louisiana State University, Arizona State University, etc. If you applied or was accepted can you tell me how you like it and if I have a chance of being accepted. Thank you everyone~
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