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  1. We haven't been told whether or not the class is full, but it seems rather established now that we have an orientation date and were invited to a department/closed Facebook page (not sure how many are in it though, I'm having trouble joining. In the other group there's 9 of us though). I hope you get to hear some good news soon
  2. Sorry, I don't know anything about the school, but as far as an MA vs MS goes, I have been told repeatedly that there is no difference. A master's is a master's and having the arts/science distinction should not affect anything at all. Your placements/experiences during grad school will have more of an impact when it comes to working in an educational or medical setting later on.
  3. I applied to a few schools that looked at last 60...Illinois State, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, and University of Akron. Also check out Governors State University. They don't look at last 60, but I was able to get in there despite being below their GPA cutoff (just had to write a separate letter explaining my lower GPA).
  4. Was accepted from waitlist at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Declined as I've committed to UW Whitewater
  5. I used the contacts listed on each school's ASHA EdFind page. If that person didn't answer, I just hunted around on each program's website to see if they specified who I should be in contact with
  6. I used one of my same LOR writers, but changed the other two for a prof I TA'd for and a prof I had for 3 consecutive semesters and had built a relationship with. I don't think it's a problem, though, to use the same LOR writers if they know you best and can speak mostly highly of your abilities.
  7. @Zeen321 @koalalover1 @SLPWKMF Hey guys, I was accepted at UWW this year and wait listed there last year. How it progressed for me last year was my initial waitlist notification on 3/18, followed by emails on 4/24, 5/27, and 6/26 asking me to confirm or deny my continued place on the waitlist. So at least last year it seemed like there was continual movement. As far as this year goes, all I know is that we have yet to be given a date/time for orientation, which leaves me to believe that everything may not be set in stone. We only have a few people in the fb group, but no one has mentioned being accepted from the waitlist so far. Don't know if that helps, but I'm really wishing you all the best of luck; I know how draining this can be.
  8. To add to what @SLP123* said, this is also your time to interview the school! When I did my interview I made sure to have a few questions prepared regarding that program specifically, like if there was any interaction with students/faculty in the education or nursing programs at the school. I think schools like applicants who show some initiative. Good luck!
  9. I have all of my relevant SLP notes organized in a binder. Definitely keeping them; you never know when you might need them!
  10. I would try the department of linguistics/cognitive science. That's the major that UD's SLP concentration falls under *calling the graduate school may also be a good idea
  11. Hahaha Delaware represent! I am from Newark/Hockessin. I didn't apply to UD's program, though. Been living in this state long enough; it's time to see somewhere new! (Plus UD in-state tuition is more expensive than most of the out of state programs I applied to!)
  12. I had some mitigating circumstances when it came to my GPA, so when I emailed I mentioned that I discussed the discrepancy in my personal statement, and I was sure to highlight my good last 60gpa/GREs/other activities. I basically just laid it out and asked a) if they had hard GPA cutoffs that would eliminate me from consideration, and b ) how seriously my application would be taken into consideration. Most schools were pretty honest about me being competitive, or a long shot, or not competitive at all. It definitely doesn't hurt to reach out. Good luck! Also, I agree with @slptobe92. If you're worried about GPA, definitely look into applying to some programs that have fewer applicants in addition to the popular programs.
  13. 1. Why did you choose the program you're going to? What really sold it for you? I've committed to University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. A big part of it for me was location; I wanted to live in a different part of the country, and being in Whitewater will cut down my long distance relationship from a 900 to 60 mile distance. Not to mention, the school is relatively close to Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago, which is important to me for both externship reasons, future employment, and general enjoyment. Also, I'm more interested in the adult/neuro side of SLP, so it's a big plus that UWW has an aphasia clinic. My undergrad didn't have an on-campus clinic, so the fact that UWW has one was less intimidating to me than being thrown into off-campus placements at the beginning of school. The small class size (14-16) and low-ish out of state tuition and cost of living also sealed the deal for me. 2. How many schools did you apply to I applied to 10 other schools this year: Edinboro, U of Akron, Grand Valley State, Southern Illinois-Carbondale, Illinois State, Governors State, Rush, Midwestern-Downers Grove, UW-Milwaukee, and UW-Stevens Point 3. If you haven't decided, what is going to be the factor that pushes you to decide? I have decided, but location, class size, and cost were my big factors.
  14. Hi there! I saw that you mentioned you live in Newark! I have just accepted my spot at U of Delaware, and wanted to see if you have any tips to pass along in terms of housing! I am from Philly, been out of school since 2009, and oddly enough I used to work at U of Delaware in the infant language lab- so I'm familiar with the campus. My boyfriend and I will be moving to Newark together (luckily he works in Chester, so he can keep his job!) and we both have cars. Do you think it will be possible to have a car and live near campus? I know the health sciences campus is a bit removed, and has a big parking lot, so that won't be an issue. But if I'd like to live closer to campus (specifically close to the swimming pool in the carpenter building!), do you think there's any possibility of finding a place with 2 designated parking spots? I'm very invested in swimming for my health, so that's why I'm interested in living close to the pool. However, if it would be too much of a hassle, maybe I would opt to live further away from campus if I could be close to a YMCA or JCC with a pool! (I know these are very specific needs! lol) Any other housing/living/Newark tips you have would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!


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