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  1. Well, friends, it's been a weird ride for me this season. I went from super excited, to worried, to despondent, to 'I can't do this anymore', back to excited, then straight into 'I literally do not want this anymore'. For anyone applying to any of my nine schools, you have one less person to compete with now. I withdrew all of my applications as of this afternoon (well, I sent out the appropriate emails--only one has responded so far), and I will be pursuing a second bachelor's, this time a B.S. of Computer Science with a minor in Information Security. I know it seems extremely diffe
  2. Since I reused my application from last year and only one of my transcripts changed, my app was verified very early on. ALL I'm waiting on now is one letter of rec from a professor who said he'd have it turned in by Last Thursday. >_> However...my doubts haven't gone away since they came to light in October. I'm starting to feel like this isn't the way for me to go after all. But I don't feel comfortable pursuing what I want to actually be doing unless I get rejected or can decline without receiving any junk in the physical mail about it. Part of me even wants to withdraw my
  3. @k_kismet Thank you! That really does help. I feel like I need a more supervised clinic right now so that would be perfect. Now to just...get accepted...and then figure out how to get in-state tuition ASAP because omg out of state costs at UCF are prohibitively high. In general, my last LoR writer has said he'll try to get it done this week. So with that in mind I'm going to try to submit ALL of my apps this week so they're over. No sense dragging it out longer than I already have, right?
  4. Ah, I see. Thank you for giving the info you could! Any little bit helps since deadlines are approaching far too quickly, lol.
  5. Are you allowed to share those at all? I'm very interested but can't figure out how to find them on the CSUF website...
  6. Hi, I'm very interested in info about UCF, even though your experience there so far was in a different field. Feel free to PM me with anything you think a new person would need/want to know! (Campus environment, housing around campus, transportation, Orlando in general, etc.) Thanks! And good luck! Which session are you applying for at UCF? I'm applying for summer so I should hear back in May.
  7. Same! Here's hoping we both get in. (It's my top choice right now for reasons that I can't really explain lol)
  8. @plume I know none of it was directed at me but you give really good advice! Thank you! Good news on my end, I'm over my total meltdown the other week. I'm still applying to 9 of my original 13 schools, and I've decided to combine my computer interests with speech and try to get into AAC research after my master's. Not enough of us go into research! The main reason I'm posting is sticker shock. I just looked at the costs of U of Central Florida as an out-of-field, out-of-state student and I legitimately want to cry. It's my top choice and all, but I don't know if even that ca
  9. Perhaps you should try the computer science subforum instead! They'd be able to have better, relevant suggestions for you.
  10. Ugh. Rant incoming. I don't feel like making a new thread so I'm reviving my dead one. I've changed my mind in the past two weeks. A lot. I went from being stoked about SLP two weeks ago to being very 'meh' late last week, to having an identity crisis over the weekend and wanting to be a veterinarian of all things...only to finally, *finally* land in the 'I want to do computational linguistics and research' side of things. I've toyed with this for a long time on and off and only recently started feeling like I'm smart enough that I could actually do it...I know I've always been smar
  11. 1: I haven't done my research on this yet, I admit. Compling sounds great because I've always wanted to have a practical use for my linguistics skills (though I know there aren't many used and it's more comp than ling), and I've mulled the idea of going into computers/IT/etc for about 8 years now. I don't know how to explain it but for what I know now it just makes sense somehow. And the longer I shadow with speech pathology the more I realize I'm not cut out for that kind of thing after all. 2: I know next to nothing about the UW program other than what's on their website. I don't know the
  12. Hi everyone, new to this subforum, sorry if this has been asked like 3000 times. I'm considering trying to get into computational linguistics (planning to take an intro compsci course this coming spring regardless). I'm currently trying to apply to speech-pathology schools but if/when I don't get in this year I am moving on to do something else and compling sounds like my nerd dream come true. However, I feel like my past is the thing stopping me from getting in. My undergrad GPA was 3.07; my best GRE scores are 163V, 152Q, 3.5AW (AW may go up, just took it recently and those scores
  13. As you can see in my sig, I'm applying to a lot of schools. I'm in Virginia so only 3 of them are in-state (4 if you count the fact that D.C. schools do 'american student vs international student' instead of 'in-state vs out-of-state/international'). On another forum someone reminded me of the old adage of "don't take out more loans than your first year's salary". If the stats I found online are right, the median salary for SLPs is about $58k. Probably a little less for first-year employees. By that logic, and provided these stats were right, I could only afford *one* in-state school
  14. Good to know! Unfortunately, my last 60 isn't much different than my overall GPA since my worst semester was in my last 60. My verbal GRE is excellent. I took CDS classes post-graduating and did significantly better in them comparatively, though still not as well as you did. In my statement I'm mostly emphasizing that I've overcome the obstacles that were holding me back in school (cause I have) and that I will do well now if I'm just given the opportunity. Thank you!
  15. I know this is only semi-relevant, but I'm applying for Summer and I'm really curious as to you guys's stats. Please post if you're willing to share them Also, congrats and good luck to all of you! Here's hoping I get to see you guys around in May.
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