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  1. Hi again, @Baldijas just wanted to let you know that I got my acceptance tonight around 7:40 pm! Keep an eye out for your admission decision!
  2. Hi!! I actually applied to University of the Pacific for the 24 month program and I haven’t heard anything either! You are not alone! It is so stressful not hearing anything back!
  3. Has anyone heard from University of the Pacific or SJSU? Still waiting on these schools!
  4. I’m also from out of state! I’m highly considering going here but the tuition does seem very high.
  5. Thank you so much for letting me know! I haven't received anything and the wait is killing me! I'm hoping that no news is good news at this point.
  6. Hi everyone, Anyone else out there considering attending NAU's full-time leveler track for SLP? I was wondering if anyone has any insight they can share about the program. I'm an out of state applicant and don't know too much about NAU/Flagstaff. Thanks
  7. Congrats!! I haven't recived any email from them, I'm starting to become even more anxious! I'm hoping that no news is good news. If you don't mind me asking, around what time did you receive your email?
  8. Has anyone heard from University of Redlands? I'm seeing that they are starting to notify but I haven't received anything and I am starting to worrry.
  9. I saw that someone heard back from University of Redlands today, has anyone else heard anything? I'm so anxious to find out!
  10. The waiting game has been so stressful! I’m still waiting on SJSU, Cal State East Bay, University of the Pacific and Redlands! Hoping to hear back soon!
  11. Hi!! Yes, that is exactly what it means! I have already submitted several of mine a good amount of time before their deadlines!
  12. Hi! If you don't mind me asking where did you apply this year? I'm also out of field and feel the panic and anxiousness you may be feeling at the moment.
  13. Hey Madison! I’m applying for the fall as well! I’m an out of field applicant
  14. Hi everyone! I’m relatively new to this forum and currently in the midst of completing apps (yay!). I’m an out of fielder and very interested in both Andrews University and Sacred Heart. My gpa is pretty high but I have lower than 300 on the GRE and I’m a bit worried that it’ll put me at an extreme disadvantage. If anyone has more information about these programs or even some words of encouragement. Any and all advice would be appreciated!
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