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  1. Thank you so much for your replies! Good luck to everyone
  2. Hello all, I am being paranoid and having a silly question. So several of the schools I am applying for say on the CSDCAS that "please submit the application by Jan. 15 (11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time)". And I was wondering does this mean that I will be able to submit before the end of Jan. 15 eastern time (i.e., before 11:59 PM 1/15)? I know I am being crazy, but it would be nice if anyone could answer me! Thank you all in advance!!
  3. I am a post-bacc, too! I don't think they expect us to come up with the whole "treatment plan" since we cover little standardized tests in the undergraduate-level courses. What I did is trying to recall what I observed in the school clinic and hospital, focusing on what I know more and putting less emphasis on the standardized tests. For example, for patient with TBI, I would probably start with taking a look at his medical chart and/or his schedule with PTs or OTs...,things like that! That's just my thoughts, but of course, research will definitely help!! Good luck! You'll do a great job!!
  4. I had mine yesterday! They asked me two questions, I don't remember the exact question but there is one "job interview" question like how do you cope with failure. The other question is clinical-related. They gave me a scenario and ask me what will I do for this patient. Then I got to ask questions! Hope this helps! Good luck!
  5. Hello all, Got an email to sign up for an on-line interview. Super excited about this! I saw several discussion threads about previous year's interview process saying that the interview is pretty casual and personal. Has anyone here been interviewed this year willing to share and give some advises? Thanks for any help and good luck to everyone!
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