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  1. @Blue J Thank you! I appreciate your honesty and your recommendations. I'm definitely going to look into Magoosh to help me improve on my GRE scores. I guess I'll wait this application cycle and try to bring up my scores and get some awesome LOR as well. I was starting to feel discouraged because every application cycle when I come onto this thread I see people with such high scores and it makes me wonder if I can do it. However, I will continue to try and strive for the best that I can do! Thank you so much
  2. Hello everyone, I am currently trying to take some CSD courses in order to meet the prereqs to get into graduate school. I'd like to get some of you guys' opinion, should I retake my GRE? I've taken it twice now and it seems not make much of a difference. I'm not great at test taking especially when it is timed. My GRE scores are a few points shy from 150 and for the writing score it is a 2.5. I know this is significantly lower than many of the scores I have seen on other threads. What do you all suggest? I would like to avoid taking it again just because it's so expensive and I don't have the money for that and paying for applications too. I am currently trying to find more volunteer opportunities in order to build my resume. I am trying to volunteer for students with special needs for the next semester. I volunteer at adult service sometimes and I also volunteer at churches. I'm contemplating on whether or not if I should try and apply this application cycle for the third time or focus on my courses and building experience before applying again. I appreciate you all's opinion and suggestions! Good luck on applications this term!
  3. Hello everyone, I'm attempting to apply to graduate school again....:( I would like some feed backs so I know how to prepare. Has anyone applied to a school that does not require prerequisites or if they require them, it's not necessary to have a lot completed. I really want to apply for Fall of 2018 but it's so disheartening when I read that you need prerequisites to get in. I've already earned my first BA and I am going to school right now trying to fulfill the prerequisites. I'm willing to move out of state if need be. I'm just super ready to get into graduate school so I can hurry up with starting the career I want to do. Anyone has any wise recommendations? Thank you <3
  4. You guys.....I guess we're going to have to keep waiting...
  5. @plume OMG! Me too! Thanks for letting me know!
  6. @speechpath17 @AlwaysaFalcon Did you guys get another email? I'm so anxious!!
  7. @kayyyyy_ Aww thank you!! :') I hope you hear good news too!!!! If you have already, congrats!
  8. @SpeechLaedy :'( Your story makes me want to cry tears of joy! I'm so happy for you! I'm currently on that boat. I've only been getting rejections and...I have about 3 more schools to hear from. Two of them is grad schools while the other one is SLPA. Either way, I just want to hear good news. I really want to get into grad school though. I'm praying. I hear from one of the three this Wed. I was on the wait list and then they said there's 4 spots left (eeekk!). Hope! I have hope! Regardless what it is, I believe God has a plan for me! Congrats to you! You've worked hard!!!!!
  9. @AlwaysaFalcon did you?!!! OMGIES!!! I'm hoping it's a good sign! Good luck to you! If you and I get in, hopefully we get to meet and know each other ^_^. Wed. is D day! ahahaha
  10. @pbandj It's for the students that are on the wait list (I believe) because I didn't email them. Thank you I was just hoping someone can confirm something for me but it was wishful thinking (because I was hoping for good news). xD Oh and congrats on your acceptance!
  11. Hello friends so I received this from one of the school I applied to...do you guys think it's a good sign?
  12. Hello, Is anyone having trouble trying to type your enrollment objective portion of the application? How did you guys do it? I don't really want to write it out if I don't need to. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. Does anyone know someone who got into SC Uni? I just want to know what are the chances of getting in. I'm really hoping I get into SC Uni. Thank you! <3
  13. Hello All, I hope everyone has been getting the results they want in regards to getting accepted into the school they desire. As for me, I'm still hoping. I'm on the waiting list (Western Carolina) and then I need to submit my application for South Carolina State Uni. I'm looking for other options in case I don't get into grad school...for the 2nd time. I wanted to get ya'lls opinion on something. I want to include in my personal essay the reason why I am pursuing this career is because I know how it feels to be insecure about not speaking correctly or not being able to get one's thoughts out. It's frustrating and I'm in that shoes. I'd like to help those who are going through that. However, I haven't been to a Speech Therapist and been diagnosed, I just know it because I'm going through it. How can I relay that in my paper. I know I had someone tell me they don't recommend putting something like that in a paper if it's not diagnosed professionally. What's all of your recommendations? Thank you in advance,
  14. @nnwhickerI can totally relate to you! I'm actually on the wait list for Western Carolina and I'm so nervous. I don't like playing the wait game, it's too hard. I asked for my ranking on the wait list and they won't disclose that because they don't know either... this stinks though, I just really want to get in and get on the track to start my career.
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