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  1. Came for the application anxiety, stayed for the grad school anxiety

  2. Anyone else feeling overwhelmed?

    Yeah. It's super hard. I love it and feel crippling fear all in the same day.
  3. I'd get it in writing before you sign. Funding matters.
  4. Advice on Assistantship Negotiation

    Welp. It's April 14 today. I wrote to the school asking if it'd be possible to put into writing multiple years of funding to match another offer. That was 4.5 days ago. I've gotten no response as of yet and since we're 10 business hours (if you count Saturday as a business day) away from end of day on April 15, I guess that's that and that I'm turning down the offer entirely. I wish they'd respond, at least, but I feel confident that I will be better supported in the long term at another school. Again, thanks to you all here, especially @TakeruK, @AP, and @rising_star; your thoughtful responses are what I needed to think this through in agonizing detail.
  5. It is April 12, how you doing?

    Oh no! That sucks. So sorry. @light10491 I'm calling my POI later today and then accepting on the portal. Tomorrow is my day to celebrate!!
  6. It is April 12, how you doing?

    Like you @ZachGv and @sweetoflove, I've also been torn. I think I've made my decision but it's scary.
  7. It is April 12, how you doing?

    That seems unethical to me. I think you should be upfront and honest with them about this. Academia is a small world.
  8. Is accepting an offer online enough?

    No, it's not. That's why I asked. I'd suggest you do the same.
  9. It is April 12, how you doing?

    Glad to know we are all in good company! I had trouble sleeping last night. Currently at a 9. Checking my email like mad hoping for a funding update!!
  10. It is April 12, how you doing?

    To me, this seems more like a 9/10 situation. If you'd inserted spaces here--the deep breaths of typing--I might believe differently. Amirite?
  11. It is April 12, how you doing?

    Ha! Totally. This.
  12. It is April 12, how you doing?

    Wow that's tough. I hope they carefully calibrate such things, i.e., normally two don't take the offers, so they waitlist two applicators m as they know you have a good chance of getting in. Good luck to you!
  13. It is April 12, how you doing?

    I'm sorry to hear that!
  14. It is April 12, how you doing?

    Argh!!! So frustrating.
  15. How is everyone doing? Please weigh in: 1 = super calm with your decision 5 = torn, in the middle, undecided 10 = FREAKING OUT I went to bed a 2 and woke up feeling about an 8! This may be the hardest decision I've ever made...