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  1. Next big question 😅... Anyone have any idea when financial aid information will be released?
  2. I suppose the waiting game has shifted the the Ed.M. referral for me now. Did anyone else apply for the referral? I applied for the Education Policy and Management program.
  3. I think Harvard's trickle in throughout the day. But I am not sure on that, that's just what I've put together from last HGSE threads.
  4. Looks like we are probably waiting until tomorrow to hear anything since nothing has been written on the results page so far... I am so anxious.
  5. I did not apply to their PhD program, but I applied to their M.S.Ed program in Education Policy. I felt like PhD programs were a reach for me since I am still in my undergraduate so I tried to split my applications between Master and PhD programs just in case. I did apply to the PhD at U of M though.
  6. Thank you! From previous gradcafe results pages this is what I've gathered: Fall 19: Went out January 17 Fall 18: Went out January 18 Fall 17: Went out January 20 Fall 16: Went out January 23 I am guessing that if I don't hear anything by the end of the day on Friday the 17th I was not selected for an interview.
  7. Does anyone have any ballpark idea about how many PhD applications are typically submitted a year? As the week interviews typically go out gets closer I keep getting more anxious!
  8. I submitted on the results page the wrong university somehow so the UMich entry isn't right! I was accepted into Michigan State University's Ed Policy program.
  9. I relate!! I'm having a hard time not driving myself crazy checking admission portals. Even though I know I likely won't hear until January/February at the earliest
  10. Hey all! How's it going? We're almost there - you all got this!!
  11. Hello! It looks like we are applying to some similar programs! I am applying to the following programs: University of Pennsylvania - M.S.Ed. in Education Policy University of Texas-Austin - M.Ed in Education Policy and Planning Vanderbilt - M.P.P in Education Policy Brown University - M.A. in Urban Education Policy University of Colorado Boulder - PhD in Educational Foundations, Policy & Practice University of Michigan - PhD in Educational Studies with a concentration in Educational Policy, Leadership, and Innovation University of N
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