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  1. gradddcafe

    HGSE 2020

    Hi all! Here's a HGSE Class of 2021 Facebook group in case people are interested in joining https://www.facebook.com/groups/154761905677503/
  2. Let’s keep each other posted in terms of interview invites!
  3. Thanks for starting this thread! I haven't heard back but I applied to the "Business" stream. How about you?
  4. gradddcafe

    HGSE 2020

    I haven’t received anything but I would think your message is a good sign!! Wishing you all the best
  5. gradddcafe

    HGSE 2020

    Agreed! Good luck everyone...just a few more weeks to go
  6. gradddcafe

    HGSE 2020

    1. Do you guys know if the amount you ask for OR the amount you can fund yourself/through family impacts your admission into HGSE? 2. Does anyone the acceptable lowest threshold for self-funding (e.g. if funding through yourself or family, the lowest acceptable threshold is likely 20%, 30%, etc??)
  7. gradddcafe

    HGSE 2020

    Hey, I did not receive it. I'm assuming you did? How about the rest of the folks here?
  8. gradddcafe

    HGSE 2020

    Your profile is remarkable! I definitely think you should apply for the upcoming year. From the above, it is apparent that you have a diverse set of experiences. Perhaps when you're writing your story, it would help if you shed light on why you chose to work in these areas, what you gained from it and what you wish to pursue in the future! Wishing you all the best!! Keep up the great work.
  9. gradddcafe

    HGSE 2020

    @Tanishadanielle Thanks for the encouragement! I appreciate your feedback. Yeah, I think I'll need to focus on ONE area of passion within STEAM and articulate it clearly.
  10. gradddcafe

    HGSE 2020

    Hey, everyone! Thanks for sharing your stats and guidance on this thread. I'd love any feedback on my stats or background! Program/Concentration: TIEGRE Score: V 155, Q 158, AWA: 5.0GPA: 3.33/4.00 undergrad (GPA in the last 2 years was 3.82/4.00). Studied engineering.Work Experience: 1 year in operational consulting at a bank, 2.5 years in management consulting with extra curricular experience for over 3 years in education-related initiatives (through a non-profit board). Undergrad/Grad Institution (Public, Private, Ivy, etc..): Top 20 schools in the world, #1 school in my country Research Experience: 3 summers on 3 different projects (2 human factors, 1 data analytics) LoR/SoP: 1 from professor I did research with, 1 from senior manager at work, 1 from a senior leader in the non-profit board (who can speak to my education-related initiatives). SoP focused on STEAM education for under-represented communities and the importance of critical-thinking and tech skills. What Other Schools Are You Applying To: Just HGSE I am nervous about (a) my limited direct experience in the education sector, even though I was involved in promoting STEAM education throughout my entire college career (b) GRE scores (wrote it in early Dec to meet HGSE's timeline, prepped for less than 2 weeks). Did a campus visit and loved the vibe at HGSE, so really hoping for the best. Would love to hear your feedback. Best of luck, all!
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