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  1. rejected as well. thanks everybody for this supportive community throughout the process. best of luck to all in your future endeavors
  2. I was reading back to previous years and looks like people got portal updates on their decisions as late as 8-10PM EST so it might be another few hours until we find out. My intuition is saying to me if you haven't been contacted by POI yet then it's not looking good. Expecting a rejection at this point.
  3. Congrats! Did your POI say when official decisions would be released?
  4. yeah I'm pretty sure it's there for everybody
  5. 54% (of doctoral students) have advanced degrees (like a MA/MS/etc)
  6. What programs did everybody apply for? I applied to DAPS.
  7. Yeah it looks like some more are coming in. Some professors may be on different timelines but I guess it's starting now
  8. I don't think most results are coming today. That person reached out to POI so their notice was a bit expedited. Save your energy for thursday/friday
  9. My guess is that results will come Friday afternoon/evening at the earliest so that line of thought has helped me check a lot less!
  10. I've spoken to a few current SGSE students who were accepted without an interview so I don't think that is necessarily a prerequisite to admittance. POI preference drives interviews IMO
  11. Thanks for this insight! Which time zone was the 3:30PM release? EST/PST/etc?
  12. Do you have a link to this article?
  13. If the GSE professor told you we'll hear back by March then I think tempering our expectations of hearing back this week is warranted. We're making these assumptions based on past cycles, however, due to COVID and an increase in applicants I wouldn't be surprised if they are operating a bit behind the schedule of past cycles.
  14. I have Friday the 12th circled on my calendar as decision day...hopefully that's the case!
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