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  1. Way to go @iamsoscared96 thank you for sharing your great success with all of us : ) @Jeanne A.that was wonderful the way you walked this applicant through their doubts and fears. You are truly an exceptionally remarkable person : )
  2. I love your online screen name. We are truly a creative bunch ; )
  3. Thank you @kraftpunk. I too made an account after silently watching everyone on here sharing their stories of personal struggle and perseverance. I have been inspired by the kindness everyone has contributed to this community. I was hesitant to make an online account too. In fact, this is my only online presence other than my district email lol. I'll be sad to go off the grid again but I am humbled to have met so many great online friends.
  4. Yes! California Los Angeles : ) USA
  5. Ok can I just say @iamsoscared96 should hands down get the award for most creative name on this forum. Thank you for capturing so much in something so little.
  6. @Jeanne A.I realize this is a difficult time for you. I'm very sorry you did not get the result you were hoping for. Nothing anyone one can say can change that. But change can come from you. I hope in time you forge a new path forward and continue realizing your dreams. The fact that you can write. That you have some type of education. Means that you are by no means without choices. I hope my tone comes across respectful and caring. I am by no means anyone to judge your actions or tell you how your should feel. But I feel it's important to say keep moving forward no matter what. Let your life
  7. Thank you for sharing @fliss59. Please continue to dream big where ever life may find you. This is my first time applying but I have already decided to apply a second time if things don't work out this round. I usually never get things on the first try and I don't see why this would be different : ) In high school I failed my exit exams at least three times before finally passing. I graduated in 2008 around the time the Housing Market tanked and brought the whole economy down with it. I applied to more teaching jobs than I can imagine without any luck for about two years with zero replie
  8. Thank you for sharing your info @Toyo. I graduated in 2008 with a BA have been working for 10 years. Taught all grades K-6th and run summer camps focused on STEM. best wishes to you all : )
  9. I totally felt the same thing @Jeanne A.That was a really cool way to invite other people into this small but very supportive community. I like the way you described this virtual space with such clarity and little details. I think you captured it perfectly. I appreciate how everyone on this forum is super chill, supportive, and wishing the other person success. I would be honored to be part of a class with anyone on here. This is by far one of the most kind and sincere online communities I have encountered. Thank you all. May The Force Be With YOU!
  10. My file changed to show that specific page about 1 month ago. I think it might just be the system updating itself. It's a great question though I would have thought something similar.
  11. I was wondering if the faculty that does the interviewing is typically the one you are assigned as your advisor? Since I listed three POI but only heard back/interviewed with one I'm a bit confused how (advisors) are matched with potential students. Thank you for getting back to me. I appreciate it. CTE PhD Applicant.
  12. Hi Jeremy. Can you shed any insight about their interviews? It seems by leaving it open ended there is a lot of confusion/anxiety on the part of the applicants (myself included : ) Thank you.
  13. I forgot to mention @Toyothat @Jeanne A. had asked in a previous post why certain people got phone calls and emails and other did not. In light of the information I posted in my previous post it really seems to be the case that it was just more practical and personal. I mean instead of the Dean's or faculty waiting for the info to travel and get stuck inside the system they went old school and either picked up the phone or emailed the person directly. It really seemed to be a matter of speed and they had probably been dealing with tech issues for some time (hence the massive restructuring) tha
  14. Dear @ToyoI did a quick search of "incomplete applications" and there are a surprisingly large amounts of results that show up across all schools/disciplines/degrees. It seems that each department goes in and can access the information from the main office of Graduate Admissions so I would say your applications has been seen/reviewed. However, the main system (The Office of Graduate Admissions) that oversees notifications and updates does not always reflect where your application is at that point in time with the School of Education. Just as an example. When I attended the webinars this p
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