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  1. Hi all, Not sure where to put this. I got into my dream program last year but deferred to spend a year as a Fulbrighter. My Fulbright grant will come to a close in the summer but I have the opportunity to extend, and I think I'm going to. I just don't feel like my work here is done, and I know that my institution wants me to stay as badly as I do. Plus, my income is good, my cost of living is low, and the country I'm in is exceedingly safe. I don't really want to go back to the US at the moment! To be clear, staying here gives me more experience in my field, and is allowing me to work on the ground level of program development at my institution. I think it's to my advantage in nearly every way that I stay. How should I go about requesting a second deferral from my institution? They have stated that they only accept single year deferrals but it's worth it to ask, I'm just trying to figure out how best to do it. If they won't, do you think that the admissions committee would view me reneging negatively when I reapply?
  2. Yes, I got scholarship info March 5th and the financial aid package the following week. For reference, I was admitted to the International Education MA on March 2nd.
  3. I'm out! No hard feelings here-- I figured as much. Congrats to everyone who got in!
  4. https://imgur.com/a/HFa22BV I just posted them on Imgur haha. It's a beautiful day here!
  5. I would love to! I'm definitely struggling to make a decision
  6. It's a bright and beautiful morning in Cambridge and I'm off to rub the shoe! Thinking of you all!
  7. Good luck! I applied waaaaay before the deadline (Jan 4 I think) and so did another friend of mine who got notified a day before-- they're likely just sending it out in waves ?
  8. My work just declared tomorrow an employee appreciation day and gave us the day off... so I guess I'll be here incessantly refreshing with you all
  9. Just got in! Wooooohoooooo ? why'd they do that to me lol
  10. I haven't heard anything either ? this happened to me with NYU too. I did get in it just took longer and gave me a lot more anxiety Did you apply to CIE or IED? I'm CIE so I wonder if that makes a difference, seeing as how everyone I know who has been notified so far is IED
  11. Hiiii fellow IED applicant! (I actually applied to CIE but close enough)
  12. Fit over rank, always!!! Congratulations!
  13. My program hasn't released decisions yet either! So nerve-wracking. But I imagine they're taking their time to ensure the best possible incoming cohort ?
  14. It was closed after dark for awhile there last term but now it's completely open again! Go get some foot-luck
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