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  1. Rejected...the rejection letter was very short and mentioned high number of quality applications for limited spots. Congrats to everyone who got in!
  2. About two more hours (hopefully). It has been a pleasure getting to know you all on this forum! No matter what happens, I'm grateful for the space to connect with you all. Best of luck to everyone
  3. HAHA! That is a good point....
  4. lol I may or may not have just set an alarm for midnight
  5. As in today? What time zone for midnight?
  6. Hi! There is a thread called HGSE 2021 under the Education Forum A lot of us have been chatting in there! We don't know the definite day, but we are hoping decisions come out tomorrow!
  7. Doesn't look like it...at this point I'm just hoping to find out before the weekend.
  8. Love that positive affirmation!!! Hoping the longer wait will be worth it for all of us
  9. HAHA! Glad I watched in time, but now I will be super bummed if I get that rejection letter πŸ˜‚
  10. Agreed. Stanford admits half of the students that HGSE does and 1/3 of the students that Penn does... Probably safe to say if someone was accepted to Stanford then they will also be accepted to PENN and HGSE (if it's a similar program)...of course there are exceptions still.
  11. Oooooo!!! Do you mind sharing what some of the virtual events are?
  12. Depends on the program! The program I applied to had a deadline then rolling admissions until they filled all of the spots...that particular program has finished sending out initial acceptances and everyone has a March 31st deadline to respond before they move on to the waitlist.
  13. I'm predicting it will be this Friday or next Monday/Tuesday (but hopefully sooner) 😬 My thought is they will want to give everyone at least a month before the national acceptance deadline on April 15th.
  14. Good point about the doctoral applications... I guess time will tell! I wish we had insight about the exact week/day/time. I’m trying to stay occupied and not think about it, but it’s been a rough time πŸ˜•
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