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  1. Hey everyone, I got into Teachers Columbia for their Developmental Psychology program (MA) and into Vanderbilt University for their Human Development Studies (M.Ed) course. I wanted to know which one of these has better employability. I look forward to working after my masters. The course at Vanderbilt is terminal and the one at Teachers College is non terminal. I just wanted to know which one is better for me. I am also considering a PhD. But I am yet to fully dedicate myself to that path. I am an international student, so, STEM is another major factor. TC offers me a STEM extension. V
  2. Hey guys and girls, I was rejected from HGSE but was accepted to Vanderbilt. I really wanted HGSE tbh and have still not gotten over the rejection. I keep comparing HGSE to Peabody and am unsatisfied at times. People don't seem to know Vanderbilt where I am- not my teachers or friends. I am awaiting decisions from other unis. But I have accepted Peabody's offer. I could use some advice!
  3. By what time do I expect it, if it is today, that is? (Based on the general observation/last year's updates)
  4. Will I receive an email from them regarding the update or do I check the Application Management portal?
  5. Hello, I wanted to know when the decisions by HGSE would be out!
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