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  1. I'm happy to help you, @sunshine_and_rainbows. DM me and let me know how I can help you.
  2. Echoing this. Good luck to all of you as you apply! I'm also here to answer any questions I can, and if you'd rather PM me instead of posting here in the room, feel free to reach out.
  3. Same. I was so excited about HGSE, and now I'm not so sure.
  4. Thanks for letting us know! Hopped on to check, and didn't see anything in my inbox. Back to the wait.....
  5. Been nervously waiting the last few days after not getting news on Friday. I actually was scared to come here and see lots of acceptance posts. Glad to see we are all in the same boat. Good luck to everyone! Praying for all of us!
  6. Curious about this too. I may be in the same boat down the road (assuming I hear positive news from HGSE when they release master's decisions in March).
  7. Still nervous and excited after submitting my application on Tuesday! Any idea when Harvard will be sending out decisions?
  8. Hey all! Bummed that HGSE isn't opening Ph.D. applications this year....but I'm still thinking of applying to one of their Ed.M. programs. Is anyone else in the same boat as me?
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