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  1. Hey @eia...a couple of Ph.D. students that are Teaching Fellows are willing to see if a few of the other Ph.D. students are willing to share their GRE scores with me. I'm hoping to hear back from them all in a few days. Stay tuned....
  2. Will do! I'll share anything I find out with everyone here. Good luck to everyone as you apply! Rooting for each and every one of you!
  3. Hi @eia HGSE posts some of this information on their website. Not sure if you saw it there or not. The most recent stats can be found here: https://www.gse.harvard.edu/admissions/who-studies-hgse I'll try and connect with a current Ph.D. student to find out more if you'd like (I'm in the M.Ed. program). Just let me know and I'll see what I can do. Good luck!
  4. Hello everyone. Really excited for you all to be applying. I applied and was accepted this last cycle, and am happy to answer any questions people may have. Be brave, be yourself, and best of luck as you apply!
  5. Hi there! I can't speak about the Ph.D. application specifically, but the admissions office in general is super helpful. Reach out to them and they tend to be very quick to reply. And with COVID, they might be willing to be more flexible about this than they have before. Good luck when you apply! 🙂
  6. 😢 Sorry this was the news you got! Whatever option you choose I am sure will be the best one for you. PLEASE reach out if you want to talk or for anything at all! Cheering you on here!
  7. Fingers crossed you get some good news!
  8. I haven't tried officially, but I did e-mail them a few days after I got my package and asked if more aid was possible. They very politely told me that it usually takes an unexpected and drastic change in your life for them to grant you more aid (like your house burning down or you wind up in the hospital suddenly). Wish I had better news than this. ☹️
  9. Hoping all (or at least some) of you have some good news there in the last few weeks! Still cheering for each and every one of you! Keep your heads up!
  10. Rooting for you all here! Hope each and every one of you get some great news soon!
  11. Never did post my acceptance here! So looking forward to being at HGSE with you all! Congrats to all! So proud of every one of you. And if HGSE didn't give you an offer, I can't wait to see all the awesome things you'll do!
  12. Hoping you're both right.....the wait is TOUGH!!!!!!!
  13. I faced the same struggle with which program now was the best "fit" for me with the loss of the higher ed degree. I looked at ELOE, EPA, and HDE as I could see them all fitting with parts of my goals....in the end I went with HDE, and talked about hoping to at least take an elective class in both the ELOE and EPA areas while still doing the higher ed concentration. Hope it is possible with the new set-up.
  14. Was curious about the original data....thank you for clarifying this, @foxfire123!
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