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  1. @PhDPolicy2022Hey, I don't mind taking a look. I'm not a current student but I went to HGSE a few years ago.
  2. Hey I was typing as you submitted. I went to the same seminar! I think you got some wires crossed tho. They don’t do EdD anymore. They said they’d do 50 doctoral admits total. Roughly half between PhD and EdLd
  3. @PhDhopeful2022 thanks for sharing. I think the financial strain came from uncertainty more than anything else. I mean with the stock market somehow chugging along, I have to believe that all their endowments are doing fine. Add to that the fact that in 2020 HGSE opened master’s admissions after the normal deadline for the 20-21 school year (to bring it more $$ since master’s students fund a big chunk of the school) + the addition of a permanently online master’s (which they expect will have 90 students)… and it just gets hard to believe that these schools are suffering much financial strain.
  4. I got 20k loans, 5k Work Study. They said a student's budget would be 72k - 18k (my expected contribution) = 54k. Even their stated remaining need for me after my contribution is 28k (3k short of the aid package) and I think that "need" only accounts for tuition and insurance, not housing and, you know, food. I'm confused about how this all works out. I was expecting to find a small side job, perhaps with the Princeton Review or Kaplan, but my savings are not that large (15-20k hopefully after diligent saving and a summer job) and I'm not sure how I'd even pay the second semester of tuiti
  5. Hey, I got accepted into Penn and the letter said I got a 3.5k GA, but I haven't received any info on it. I haven't accept as I'm still deciding where to go. Did you accept already? I got accepted to SS too! Not sure if I'm going yet, but maybe I'll see you in a few months.
  6. Yup. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeejected. My SOP was pretty weak for that program and to be honest I didn't align all that well since POLS is, well, policy and leadership and I'm more interested in culture/philosophy and leadership. Oh wells.
  7. I hear from a friend (student) at HGSE that they just got blasted with an email to sign up to make phone calls to accepted students next Wednesday. So let's put all our angst on 3/9 and be pleasantly surprised if it's earlier.
  8. I've been lurking here and feeding my anxiety and sort of pointlessly weighing my chances. So I guess I should contribute to give back. Thanks to everyone who provided me those outlets. As for me, well the last couple of months have been: Me - Hey, College, can I come get a PhD? College - Nah, but maybe we'll let you get a Master's instead... GPA: 3.83, majors in Philosophy and German from UC Berkeley. GRE: 164 math, 170 verbal, 4.5 writing Background - 2 years in an AmeriCorps program tutoring/counseling underserved high school students while in college, 3 ye
  9. I started mine with a quote from a student that kinda rings in my ears and speaks to my motivation. It was also a nice opening to the world I'm coming from and the experiences I bring. Actually it was a snippet of restorative circle I had with a couple of kids, do it had two quotes...I hope that was the right way start.
  10. Anyone interest in throwing together a SOP feedback group over the next couple of days? After a good two month of working on my SOP, I have a draft! And I'd love feedback. I am, of course, willing to return the favor. I'm applying for PhD programs, so I only have two weeks. Send me a message and we can exchange emails.
  11. I'm late to the party, but I'd love to contribute!
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