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  1. Thanks for sharing your perspectives with prospective students @hgseanon! If I understood correctly, your main complaint is that the EdM program at HGSE is overrated - the quality of the education you received is not worth the price tag. Setting the pandemic-impacted online students aside for now, can you share more specifically where HGSE EdM fail to meet your expectation just so we prospective students have a better sense? When you say HGSE classes are not as rigorous as those in other Harvard schools, how so? How do you feel about your career outlook comparing to what you were
  2. I personally think that's pretty decent score and you should submit. To demonstrate your analytical writing ability, perhaps focus on having a polished PS which serves as both a statement of purpose but also a writing sample.
  3. Hi friends! For those who missed the session, I believe the recording will be posted on the Recorded Webinar page soon. But in the meantime, I captured some Q&A in case anyone is interested: Select Q&A from July 28 General Info Session Q: Are need-based grants available for international students? A: International students are eligible for need-based grants. Q: How's the tuition fee for international students? A: Tuition is the same regardless of citizenship. Q: If we don't send GRE scores, will our application be considered less? A: The score will be conside
  4. Has anyone applied or know someone who applied/enrolled part-time? Do you have to indicate intent in the application? Can you change your mind between FT/PT after being accepted? What is the experience like attending HGSE as a PT student? Thank you!
  5. Upcoming Admission Events in case anyone's interested in registering 😀 Online Ed.M. Information Session TUESDAY, JULY 13, 2021, 12 – 1PM This webinar will feature an Admissions representative presenting information on the online Ed.M. in Education Leadership program and the admissions process. The presentation will also include time for questions. General Information Session WEDNESDAY, JULY 21, 2021, 12 – 1PM This webinar will feature an Admissions representative presenting information on HGSE degree programs and the admissions process. The presentation will also include ti
  6. Very helpful, thank you @AnnieRUok. All the best on your application this go around!
  7. Glad to have you back on journey with us as a veteran! Can you share more on the deferral petition? I'm also foreseeing potential visa/personal issue preventing me to enroll F22 but wonder if they'd grant deferral or allow part-time attendance. Have you seen any success?
  8. To your Q2, I think you can also look into Stanford's Learning Design and Technology (MS) within their graduate school of education. The program attracts students interested in EdTech/start-up given its proximity to Silicon Valley and has historically been even more selective than HGSE I believe. Also, if you apply to Stanford LDT this year, note they are not accepting GRE from any applicant (indicated by "GRE Not Required"). They explained that this is different from "GRE Optional" for some programs, which allow but not require GRE submission.
  9. I'll start with a question re: optional GRE. Anticipating HGSE will keep the GRE optional requirement, for those of us who no longer have a valid GRE, would it be worthwhile to still try to take it? Did those who get accepted found GRE to be positively or negatively impacting your admission results?
  10. It was tremendously helpful going through past threads and huge congrats to those enrolling in HGSE for Fall 2021! Thought it's not too early to start the new thread for those interested in applying for HGSE Fall 2022. 🙂 To get us started I've summarized a few helpful resources/links, I'll update with the latest info as they become available. HGSE Basic Info School Website | Degree Programs | Admission Info | Financial Aid | Cross Registration Introduce Yourself | Upcoming Events | Virtual Campus Tour | Connect Recorded Webinars (lots of great info on admission tip
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