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  1. Hi All... Actually came over here to start the thread... only to discover it has already been started. I got admitted to the LDIT for fall 2021, but couldn't make it for some personal reasons. Luckily I was granted a deferral. I'm happy to help in any way. Good luck to all the folks applying!
  2. So I've got the confirmation that all Urban Scholars applicants get notified when a decision is made: whether they were awarded or not. My friend in the class of 2021 confirmed this as well as a mail from the Finaid department, so we are on track. Let's not lose hope until we receive a notification that we were accepted or not. Wishing each one the best!
  3. Oh that... you are right. My hope is that maybe it's on a rolling basis. In that case, there is still hope for us. But guess what? I will call up a friend who's in the class of 2021 to find our how they got to know....let's be patient.... we shall be lucky
  4. How did you know it's out?
  5. Just got informed that the Urbans Scholars decisions will be out before the end of the month. That sounds like forever! I really don't know about the rejection letters.
  6. Anyone else received news about Urban Ed Fellowship? or anyone at all? Please share if you don't mind. Its' also useful to leave a trail of hope for the ones applying next year.
  7. Oh woow! congrats! Thanks for putting this up.
  8. Hi All, Hope you are all doing good? I found some information about the Financial Aid. I read through and it appears they release it , the week after the decisions. A friend Ed.M class of 2021 also told me to expect it this week. So I think we should get some good news within a short time. Best of luck to each one!
  9. A student in HGSE who got admitted last year, told me she received her 1 week after the results. She thinks it will be sent this week. All speculations anyway not facts.
  10. Oh wooow. Hoping you can choose from one of your already positive options. thank you for keeping up good vibes on this page. The pictures and all...
  11. I got in! I’m in guys! I saw the confetti! I was accepted! I’m in shock! It’s surreal 😭😭I’m confused... can’t believe I made it! I’m still shaking and shaking and shaking
  12. Congrats! I’m still tooo scared to check
  13. Have you seen yours? I can’t even check ... I’m unable to
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