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  1. I did, because I'm now applying to the Ed.M Mental Health Counseling program and from knowing that the Ed.M is a more advanced masters degree and I felt I really needed to take it. I didn't do phenomenal, but I did get the score that I expected to get and it's good enough. I think it depends on how "umimpressive" your gpa is, the program you're applying to, and your other stats. My gpa is definitely unimpressive, but my GRE score is good. I also have a lot of relevant work experience in the psychology field. Without the work experience, I'd be more concerned, but I feel pretty good right
  2. Hi I'm also applying to Teachers College, Columbia for a masters in Psychology. Specifically for the Ed.M in Psychological Counseling. Which specific psychology track were they talking about for the one year work preference?
  3. Hi I'm applying to the Ed.M in Counseling Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia for Fall 2021. Anyone else also applying? Or people who attended the program willing to share stats?
  4. Has anyone in here now pursuing a PHD, attended Teachers College Columbia Ed.M Mental Health Counseling program or been accepted to the program? I'm applying for the program now and wanted any insight into the average gpa/ what they are looking for? Thank you! 😊
  5. Hello all, I'm planning to apply to HGSE as well as Teachers College, Columbia. Does anyone have any advice for writing about tragedy? And do you write about tragedy in the personal statement of additional context section? I was going to write about how my experience with assault negatively impacting my mental health to explain a very low grade on my transcript. Thanks
  6. Also does anyone know if Ed.M applicants have to do an interview?
  7. I did speak with someone in admissions and the holistic admissions sentiment was echoed! I'm sure this is the case, but I also suspect there are certain qualifications they're looking for at a school like Columbia and I was hoping to see how my stats measure up. I only have a 3.0 gpa. Hope both of you did well on the GRE!
  8. Nice to talk to you both I know the GRE is optional for some programs, but do you all think it's wise to still take it? / Have any idea regarding what undergrad gpa they're looking for?
  9. Hi, I'll be applying to Columbia Teachers College M.A in Psychological Education. Looking forward to connecting with the rest of you
  10. "HGSE will always prioritize person-to-person interactions, and the school will monitor the changing public health landscape as the year unfolds, with an eye toward planning a residential experience and an in-person Commencement next spring" - Remote Announcement "With the experience of sophomores and juniors in mind, we have decided to extend to all students who spend the year studying away from campus the opportunity to attend Summer School in Cambridge without tuition charge in 2021". - University Fall 2020 plans announcement They first announced the "short residential experienc
  11. Hi, so glad I found this community. I also applied to HGSE in this summer admissions cycle. I know they said they're planning a short residential experience in the spring and a summer term for all 2020-2021 students which would extend to us. Is anyone planning to go to campus for those experiences? And/Or move to Cambridge and try to gain some form of campus access in the spring?
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