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  1. same! have so many emails left unanswered...
  2. so that means each program will have a lot more students then...im curious about how the cohorts are going to be
  3. Hi Guys, wanted to get a head start on fall 2021 applications for Stanford GSE. I'll be applying to POLS! I see on the application requirements page it says SOP should be around 1-2 pages single spaced...yet the application system seems to only allow 2500 characters. Did they change the requirement this year and shortened it?
  4. I'll be applying to HDE as well! worried because other than a few years of work experience in education i dont really have mental health counselling or psychology background. not sure how the new programs are going to play out next year.
  5. Also, for all past applicants, does anyone know if the HDE program need a psychology background?
  6. Hi! Planning to apply to ELOE program this year. Does anyone know if the change in curriculum affects the acceptance rate? I see there are only around 4 programs now, but different concentrations. I wonder how this will impact admissions.
  7. Congrats on all the acceptances!!!! Truly so happy for you guys! I'm planning on applying for the next application season, do those of you who were accepted mind sharing your stats/work experiences? I want to get an idea of where I stand right now Thanks! Once again congrats!
  8. Hi! I'm planning on applying for HGSE for Education Policy. I wanted to see if anyone have any experiences in HGSE or heard things about the program. I currently only have 1.5 years of work experience in education consulting in China...so I am worried that they might not like what I do (I essentially help high school students and families plan their activities/study schedule/application for college admissions, but very ETHICALLY). I'm also worried they might consider me as too young..I'll be 2 years out of undergrad by the time I apply. Usually what kind
  9. Hey guys! Hope all of you are hearing good news soon! I'm planning on applying for the next cycle...2021. But I wanted to post my stats (so far) here and see if you guys have any recommendations as to how competitive of an applicant I am, and any tips for what I can do to strengthen my application!! Program/Concentration: EdM Education Policy & MgmtGRE Score: V: 162, Q: 160, AW: 5.0 (retaking in June)GPA: Undergrad: 3.752 , cum laude (not education related major...)Work Experience: 1.5 years as an education consultant in China, independent English writing tutor in China + volun
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