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  1. Finally got mine too.
  2. What does that even mean?
  3. I did not get in either.
  4. Ok. I'm about to go watch a movie and head in for the night. Based on @flowerpower07's earlier post, we may not get feedback at all today (or even next week.) Until next time. Ciao
  5. Looks like @Jeanne A. is asleep 😴 I envy her escape from this all-night vigil. It's already 8:30PM where I am.
  6. That's a great school. You did well!
  7. Yes, indeed, congrats! My manners are poor! PhDs are hard to get into, even if you don't get all the funding you want.
  8. At this stage, you've got nothing to lose Surely they understand. Lol
  9. And did you not then reply, "Choose me, me, ME!!!" 😂
  10. But what does "very soon" mean. For anxious folk like us, is it today, tomorrow, next week, beginning of March? 😭
  11. Great. Time to be able to rejoice or cry, and move on!
  12. No, I was only in touch with a few via e-mail. I'm not sure if an unfunded PhD makes sense though. It just seems so unmanageable to work full time and really be dedicated to your research.
  13. Everywhere I have applied to are not keeping their usual deadlines. It's unbearable for me; I haven't heard back from a single school. Really starting to panic here.
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