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  1. Hello! I believe those emails can be a good sign for approval to the program, but pretty weird, too! I haven't heard anything at all, did you have an interview after submitting your application?
  2. I see! I hope the school sends an official mail to clear that out :)) Also hoping to get my official rejection to be free from checking my status every day!
  3. Didn't apply to UC Berkeley, but it's good to know they will send out the decisions by the end of Feb! Thanks for the info, and I think people who get early decisions get full funding/scholarships..
  4. Mine is still being reviewed, but I think that means you got in and congratulations! :)) haven’t received any emails... did you have the interview?
  5. Hello! My status seems to be 'being reviewed' forever! Hopefully we hear back from the school soon Good luck!
  6. Hello! Same here, I haven't heard anything back from UCI :/.. I've seen somewhere UCI send out reject emails on early Feb for the 1st rounders, and I'm getting ready for it lol But congrats on the other programs you got in, and hopefully we hear from UCI, too
  7. Thank you! Good to know That's kind of late than other programs I guess.. Oh wow! I hope you also hear back from those schools, too!
  8. Congratulations:)! I guess I have to let myself know not to keep my hopes up now.. haven't heard anything after submission.. Did you also apply to other schools as well?
  9. Hello! I've noticed that someone has posted their acceptance from UCI PhD Education! Congrats! and if you can see this, could you reply if you had an interview prior to the acceptance? Anyone else waiting for the result or interview email from the department?
  10. That's nice! I had a short discussion via email about research interests..
  11. Hello, everyone! Anyone waiting for UCI's emails for interviews on PhD Education? Hope I at least receive an email about anything in January...
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