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  1. Hi, This was a bit of a blow and knock in confidence, but telling myself it's ok because it was important to try anyway. I wish you all an amazing future and journey. I hope that it will work out brilliantly and maybe even more so as a result of a rejection. Will most likely not check gradcafe after this but just to say appreciate you all, take care ❤️
  2. Probably - if you selected that you wanted it to be considered for a masters (there was an option)
  3. hahha 💔 a dark day for us
  4. Hi internet friends, we all tried our hardest and I'm so proud of us all ❤️ thank you for the journey in the last few days
  5. I selected in the application that I also want to be considered for the MSc so maybe just that they are sending it to them?
  6. 16:07 PT. Can't be later than 18:00pm right? 😪
  7. oh sorry did not realize it was you also in the results board silly me thought someone else got an offer ❤️
  8. @flowerpower07 also you mentioned emailing POIs? Did you email all 3 you listed and one respond?
  9. welp, despite the roller coaster for what it's worth I am grateful to this forum, you are all magnificently supportive
  10. To the person who just got accepted in the forum, what pathway of GSE?
  11. what is very soon Subjective no? could mean Monday
  12. @flowerpower07 can I ask what you applied for?
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