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  1. If I turn down the Fulbright scholarship do I have to pay a penalty fee? How much is it? someone in a similar situation?
  2. Hello @kmaier@Nazli I just created a WhatsApp group. I will send a private message with the link to join the group
  3. Last year (2018) I got the Fulbright scholarship to do my master in the USA in 2019. I was accepted into my dream school (MIT) and my favourite program in the world! I am super excited. However, the Fulbright does not cover the tuition fee (80k) for this university. The scholarship just covers around 70% of the living expenses, and if I decide to take it I have to go back to my home country in South America and stay there for 3 years with a debt of more than 80K that it will take me very long to pay out. In the other hand, If I don't take the scholarship I have to pay a penalty of approx 10k to Fulbright, but I would be free to decide where to go and work to pay for my debt (80K + 50K) plus penalty (10K). What would you do? Also, I don't know exactly the penalty that I have to pay to Fulbright, they told me on the phone that it should be around 10K, but also that they need to evaluate the case. Has someone gone through the same?
  4. @sakimama@Nazli I sent you a private message
  5. Anyone here who was accepted? I was accepted, I would like to contact future IDM students 😀
  6. Hello mcamp,

    I am from Latin America. I got accepted to MIT and I also have the Fulbright Scholarship for my 2 years master.
    The scholarship will not cover the tuition fee, just living cost. Also, there is a condition of coming back to my home country for 3 years after finishing my master. 
    Is the scholarship worth it? What opportunities can I get in the future as a fulbrighter ?

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