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  1. I have approx 6, it’s unfortunate but doubt I’ll be reapplying. Happy to PM to chat more with any of you guys
  2. Results update has been posted on the application page. I had this paragraph on: "That said, we were very impressed with your application and your vision for the future, and feel that IDM could be right for you if you had some additional real-world experience. This could include working in an established company, creating and implementing your own product or business, or making a social impact. We encourage you to reapply to the program in 2-3 years." I wonder if that's a standard paragraph for everyone?
  3. Anyone here to claim the 2 acceptances? Not sure if more will come or are all already released. Those who have been interviewed can perhaps advise?
  4. How did things go? Did they mention when the results will be out?
  5. Care to share which program you applied to? For future reference just in case this doesn't work out. Also, any engineers who applied right here?
  6. based on past years its just a waiting game that lasts till late April it seems
  7. That's like a month past the deadline?
  8. Come on GradCafe, take me up on some of the best programs in this field.
  9. Did you go through the interview this year? Which field did you apply for and do you know when they will release the results?
  10. I am currently considering between these choices: - UC Berkeley Mechanical Engineering (Product Design/ Controls) [https://me.berkeley.edu/graduate/meng/] - Penn Robotics [https://www.grasp.upenn.edu/academics/masters] - Cornell Engineering Management [https://www.engmanagement.cornell.edu/em] My background is in Mechanical Engineering from a top 5 undergraduate school. Mainly hope to develop a deep specialization in robotics, controls, design for manufacturability, hardware systems development on the technical side, and take 2-3 management courses from the business school. Highly interested in technology entrepreneurship and have attended programs/ started companies previously. If any current students or prospective students can share your opinions, it would be incredibly helpful!
  11. Hey I'm an engineering candidate and good luck to the rest of you guys
  12. Awesome. Hope they get through them soon as most graduate schools have an acceptance date of April 15.
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