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  1. Hello all! I am currently trying to hash out a last minute decision here. I have narrowed it down to two programs: a Psychology (non-clinical, developmental psych) PhD program and a Public Health PhD program. Both programs are funded with a stipend. My interests, broadly speaking, are psychosocial determinants of health and community-based prevention programs. Current researchers and faculty who share my interests are trained as psychologists (mostly clinical) and now work in departments of public health. Program 1 - Psychology: Concentration in Developmental Psychology. Pros: advisor has similar interest, very productive and supportive advisor, opportunity to also earn MPH (free), ample opportunities for research, balance of research and practice, great weather, lower COL, interactions with school have been great Cons: lower ranking program (still an R1), majority of graduates go into applied/industry settings (not academia), not an exact research match (though I could make it work), 10 hour drive/1 hour flight home, don't know anyone in the area, I would be much older than cohort Program 1 - Public Health: Concentration in Behavioral and Community Health Science Pros: Top 15 program, many in department share my interests (though not my advisor), ample opportunities for research, close to family and friends, similar aged cohort Cons: advisor is a younger/new faculty member, advisor couldn't meet before April 15 (visit day cancelled) about $8,000 year cost in fees and tuition differential (not covered by waiver, ugh), higher COL, harsh winter I would greatly appreciate any insight - especially if anyone has any thoughts on psychology vs public health or if certain factors should weigh heavier than others when considering an academic career. Thank you in advance! Best of luck to everyone else still deciding.
  2. Hi everyone!! I got locked out of my account for a minute following my last post but a huge THANK YOU to everyone who weighed in! Your shared experience and insight meant a lot to me! Unfortunately, I'm still sitting here trying to decide between a social science PhD program (ok match), a public health PhD program (okish match), and an MPH/ try again next time (wonderful match). Like most of you, I did not get to visit any of these programs and I was counting on that gut feeling. However, I'm sure I will get struck with a lightening bolt of wisdom in the next 48 hours. That's how it works, right?? I wish you all the best and know you will do incredible things!!! If you haven't shared your plans yet, please do! I'm rooting for you all!!! :)
  3. I did and have not heard a peep. However, I have heard from someone who was admitted for SBS.
  4. First, congratulations to everyone that has posted acceptances and decisions! Everyone's efforts and accomplishments have been so impressive these last few months. Thank you all again so much for sharing your experiences and offering your support! As for me: I am so thankful to have been received three funded offers (Pitt, Maryland, UIC). However, if I'm being real with y'all, I'm a little surprised I'm not more excited. With each program, I am a bit concerned about the level of funding support (on the lower end across the board) and research match. I mostly applied to schools where I thought I might have a chance to get in vs. best match. I'm trying to sort out whether this is just normal stress/nerves, a side effect of comparing myself to others and their offers (hey, I'm human!), or if none of these programs are truly the *right one* for me. I also received offers for masters programs at Harvard (1/2 tuition scholarship, 1 year program) and Yale (nearly full tuition scholarship, 2 year program). I am also considering these, as I feel I could benefit from building my foundation in public health (as my previous education and research experience is in another field). Also, the Harvard program/mentor match is one I've dreamed of for years, so I might just be struggling to let this one go :) I am sure both excitement and clarity will come with time, but I thought I would share this with my people, in case anyone else can relate or has any words of wisdom :)
  5. Anyone have the scoop on funding at UIC? Thank you!
  6. That's interesting, thank you for sharing your experience. A few friends of mine had a similar experience to what you described and for that reason, chose not to apply to JH for PhD after completion of masters programs. Additionally, almost everyone I talked to about JH had some sort of "be careful" or "make sure you really spend time there and get a feel for the environment" type of warning. Of course, when you are numero uno, you are always subject to higher scrutiny....something to think about none the less.
  7. You are right, it truly is wonderful news, you were given an opportunity most can only dream of! Congratulations!! So glad to hear about the faculty support.
  8. Wow, thank you! I was seriously for searching for something like this yesterday.
  9. roses are red, violets are blue, I hope the admissions committee decides to pick you. 😂😂 I know in the past a bunch of programs have released decisions on Valentines Day, best of luck to everyone today!!!
  10. Accepted to Pittsburgh and rejected from Hopkins, all in the same five minutes :)
  11. Remember that post you wrote about not getting in anywhere the first round, you can officially crumple that post up and send it right to the recycling bin!! Major congratulations!!!! and thank you for always keeping everyone in the loop! Also, please feel free to share any of your ~*magic~* tricks or potion recipes haha
  12. Keep those hopes up!! I know of two people that have received acceptance from JH off the wait list! I'm rooting for ya!!
  13. I always think it's a good idea. Personally, it helps my nerves to pause and take a moment to express my appreciation. I wrote thank you notes to my interviewers. I sent an e-mail for phone interview and sent card for in person interviews (I'm old school). In one instance, I have yet to hear anything further. But all the others, I received a nice response and a message stating to please reach out with any questions. . While I have never been on an admissions committee, I have hired people and been on selection committee for practicum placement. I think it helps interviewers keep candidates fresh in their minds. Also, in situations where the candidate is probably applying several places, I feel it helps to reinforce interest.
  14. YES!!!!!! high fives all around!!!!!! :) Good news from coast to coast!!! May it good news keep coming to all of us!!!! @Kendall1234 your post actually made me cheer out loud! three years!! that is incredible!!!! UCLA is lucky to have you!!
  15. During my BCHS interview, we chatted quite a bit about funding: process, timeline, year-to-year changes, extra funding opportunities. I'm not sure how it varies from department to department within the school, but feel free to DM me, I'd be happy to discuss and share what I know.
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