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  1. Hello all! I am currently trying to hash out a last minute decision here. I have narrowed it down to two programs: a Psychology (non-clinical, developmental psych) PhD program and a Public Health PhD program. Both programs are funded with a stipend. My interests, broadly speaking, are psychosocial determinants of health and community-based prevention programs. Current researchers and faculty who share my interests are trained as psychologists (mostly clinical) and now work in departments of public health. Program 1 - Psychology: Concentration in Developmental Psychology.
  2. I did. Did you? I found the 300 word limit a little tough to navigate
  3. First, let me say I appreciate all the positivity, support, and encouragement you've added to this thread It sounds like you've made the best of both academic and professional experiences while in undergrad. I'm impressed by the range of contributions you were able to gain as an ABA therapist. From what I've read, you gained quite a bit of hands on experience with data collect and measurement, and applied that information to better understand development - that's a huge boost. Best of luck to you, keep us updated!
  4. Hi all! Just submitted my application. Every time I tried (from multiple computers and browsers), I was unable to complete the "activities" section of the application. However, my CV/resume lists a few volunteer and community engagement experiences, so I hope those catch the eye of the committee. I know HGSE values well-rounded students, so I hope leaving that section break does not give the wrong impression. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Program/Concentration: PSP - prevention research track (Ed.M.)GRE Score: average for the programGPA: undergrad - 3.9 (however, took a large br
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