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  1. Welcome and thank you for the insight! I bet a few people on this board would give you a huge high five if they could - haha! The part about why spots may go unfilled is super interesting to know. Hmmm...
  2. Anyone have an interview pump up song picked out? #livingvicariouslythroughyall
  3. Congrats to the poster with the Johns Hopkins Health, Behavior, And Society, PhD interview request!! If you would feel comfortable DMing me your stats/interests, I would appreciate it. I'm in the "focus on making a stronger app" next year/reality check phase of this whole process :)
  4. thank you! congratulations! when did you apply?
  5. Hey everyone! if you've heard from the University of Illinois Chicago - Community Health Sciences program, can you give me the scoop? Thank you
  6. whoop whoop! congratulations!!!!! that's awesome!!! AND you heard from the program before the saw-it-on-the-results-page-mystery-anxiety hit! double bonus
  7. Hey everyone - question: Did anyone apply to the JHU Health, Behavior and Society (PhD SBS)? Do you know if that program does interviews? Thank you!
  8. YES!!!!!! Congratulations!!! Also, can't help but think of that Wayne's World quote: "If you're gonna spew, spew in this". But, do not spew.....celebrate! Incredible!!!
  9. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Your passion is very evident, I'm glad they could see it too! I'm wishing the very best for you. I'm kicking myself for not applying to that program. I was so born between MH and SBS. I might apply for the mental health MHS as a back up plan.
  10. I hope you hear good news soon. You have been so encouraging to us all and with your experience, you have a lot to offer. Hang in there, sending good thoughts your way!
  11. Hey guys! I got an interview (Maryland - Behavioral And Community Health). I am new to PH and PH research (coming from the social science/child development field). I would be grateful if any of you had any advice or could recommended questions to ask. Please feel free to DM me. Honestly, I'm shocked to receive an interview. Again, thank you all for your support and positivity.
  12. Looks like someone posted on the results page on this program (rejection). I have noticed a few programs have 1 or 2 rejections posted, but nothing posted about interviews or acceptances. I'm not sure what to think when I see that (when I haven't heard anything)??
  13. what great news!!! You have been so encouraging to everyone on this thread. I'm thrilled to see some positivity coming your way! Best of luck with your interview! edit: ok, I just realized I may have totally misread your post @GlobalHealthPhD2020. Don't walk and read (and react), kids! haha.
  14. Congratulations! Sounds like they were quite impressed with you! and thanks for the update! Hang in there everyone. This process is WILD.
  15. That's interesting. As a semi-related anecdote: a friend of mine is going through this process for clinical psych and she has received two interview invites, one with 10 days notice and one with 14 days. That seems like pretty short notice to me, but perhaps for some programs that's standard? Fingers crossed for everyone!! and welcome new posters! Happy to have you along for the commiseration and celebration!
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