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  1. I'm really hoping this week is the week!
  2. I see, thanks for sharing! That's interesting to know. I did ask if there was an MA to MEd pathway and the admissions officer I spoke to said that it's a simplified application process and you can carry over your credits (essentially just extend your degree). That's an option I can explore should I end up in TC.
  3. I wasn't sure what the difference was besides that the M.Ed had more credits to complete (and therefore more subjects would be covered over two years). Other than that, what factors did you consider and why do you say that one is more fitting for your goals than the other?
  4. Hi!! Haha. Did you go for the M.A or the M.Ed? This is the only one I opted an M.A for as it was a shorter program/timeframe but now I'm not so sure I made the right choice...
  5. Anyone else apply to the Instructional Technology and Media program?
  6. Anyone else apply to the Learning Sciences and Technologies program?
  7. Yes, they're currently planning for in-person classes with the caveat that of course it will depend on what the situation is like closer to start of semester. This was echoed in the virtual sessions I attended.
  8. Ah you may be right, I hadn't thought about that
  9. Does anyone know when they start releasing decisions for masters programs? I've seen a big range of dates from past forums... is it rolling acceptances?
  10. Also - that was a really good idea emailing one of the professors!
  11. Same. My GPA isn't strong at all and I ended up not submitting GRE scores, so that lessens any confidence I have in getting in. But I'm really hoping my SOP and LORs pull through. I want decision day to get here already so at least I'll have peace of mind whatever the outcome. But we should definitely feel proud of ourselves simply for applying.
  12. Awesome, @caxiatec! When I first learned about it, back when it was still TIE, I thought it was perfect for what I want to do. This program is why I decided to apply for masters programs in education at all actually, instead of going the "traditional" route of business school (for someone in my profession). I hope we get to meet each other in person through the program!
  13. Come check out the education forum, there are different threads for the schools you mentioned on there https://forum.thegradcafe.com/forum/23-education-forums/
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