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  1. I got in! This is so surreal!
  2. I got the email about financial aid about 3 hours after I got the admission letter.
  3. Thanks! My application was submitted and complete by Dec. 13, so quite a while ago. I might've heard back earlier because of that and also because mine was for the MA? Hope you hear back soon!
  4. I received my acceptance to the MA Instructional Technology and Media program yesterday, also with a TC Scholarship.
  5. Would you be able to share what questions they asked her?
  6. For those that got accepted to Learning Sciences and Technologies -- what are you guys thinking? Accept or decline? What factors are you considering when making the decision? Any particular things you either love or hate about the program?
  7. I just got accepted to Learning Sciences and Technologies, MSEd! Also given a merit scholarship but was not invited to apply to a Dean's scholarship.
  8. I still haven't heard back yet and I submitted my application in the second week of December. Just curious - has anyone gotten rejected? Do admissions usually leave rejections to the very end or do they send out both acceptances and rejections on a rolling basis?
  9. So good - wish I had done that!
  10. I'm really hoping this week is the week!
  11. I see, thanks for sharing! That's interesting to know. I did ask if there was an MA to MEd pathway and the admissions officer I spoke to said that it's a simplified application process and you can carry over your credits (essentially just extend your degree). That's an option I can explore should I end up in TC.
  12. I wasn't sure what the difference was besides that the M.Ed had more credits to complete (and therefore more subjects would be covered over two years). Other than that, what factors did you consider and why do you say that one is more fitting for your goals than the other?
  13. Hi!! Haha. Did you go for the M.A or the M.Ed? This is the only one I opted an M.A for as it was a shorter program/timeframe but now I'm not so sure I made the right choice...
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