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  1. What type of aid is it? If it is Federal Unsubsidized Loan then that is pretty good as the max is $20,500 for a school year
  2. hopeful to hear about financial aid today!
  3. I have not heard back yet!
  4. I haven't! My application was complete until right before the 2/15 deadline though
  5. crossing my fingers your source is right and we have some info today!!
  6. Ugh that's so frustrating because we know they have events for admitted students start March 22....so why not at least tells us "within the next week"?
  7. Thanks for trying!! If anyone calls at 1pm or later let us know 🙂
  8. I am not sure about scholarships, but financial aid will not come until end of the month/early april
  9. Just want to add that I know last Spring there was a glitch that caused some people to see the admission decision tab on their portal prior to receiving the email later that same day....so if anyone sees this appear on their portal, let us know!
  10. Personally, I expect them to keep with their Friday informal tradition. Especially because we got a glimpse into their progress this week (welcome video, admitted students site), I fee like they are gearing up to share decisions. This isn't based on any other insider info though, so who knows!
  11. my nosy self is also interested in this lol
  12. Because I know there are a lot of UPenn applicants on here as well-- has anyone who applied to Education, Culture, and Society program heard back yet?
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