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  1. Has anyone heard about the accepted students facebook page? on an email I received a while ago it said I would be getting a link soon, but I'm just eager to get on!
  2. hi to both of you! I am also ISHD for next year
  3. I think that sounds like a great plan! I have been accepted to Penn as well for their Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Development program and I will likely end up there next year. Maybe I'll see you around!
  4. I'm with you! Better knowing than continuing to wait. Do you know what you plan for next year?
  5. wait I swear on the day my Penn decision came out I had just had the dream the night before about decisions coming out
  6. My heart just started beating out of my chest omg
  7. From what I've seen (and I definitely haven't seen it all lol) Dr. Snow, Dr. Harris, and Dr. Hill have classes that seem really interesting to me! hbu?
  8. That sounds so cool!!! Thanks for sharing I applied to HDE without a concentration. I feel like I have some similar interests to you, but in younger students! I'm interested in how development (with factors like individual families, communities, teachers, etc.) affects educational outcomes and performance/how students learn. I've mostly worked with elementary school students in the past, but I work in a high school right now!
  9. Ah love!!! If anyone who applied to HDE wants to quote, I'd love to hear what you guys are interested in
  10. Also curious if anyone applied to HDE! I feel like I've seen a few posts here and there, but I'm not sure
  11. omg let us know if you find anything lol
  12. Hmm... I definitely have it wrong then for how they were doing admissions roll out! My guess was definitely just a guess and not based on anything other than what I've seen on the forums, so I don't want to stress anyone out!! I'm sure everything will be out shortly
  13. Did you use your login that you use to go to the application portal?
  14. I just checked the results tab and it doesn't look like anyone has heard from that program yet! I think it really varies by program, so it makes sense that you haven't heard yet, but I understand the stress 100%!
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