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  1. Just had an interview for a school I was on the waitlist for! Makes it a little difficult since this is also the deadline for other acceptances but I'm sure we're all navigating as best we can. Good luck to everyone if you are waiting on news!
  2. In case it's helpful, I just got an acceptance this morning so not hearing from them yet doesn't mean anything bad!
  3. Crowdsourcing opinions here - How likely is it that a school will let me defer my PhD acceptance? And if it were you, how would you go about that conversation (email first to POI, request a call with program director, etc.)? I currently have 1 acceptance and it's from a school that has you secure your own GA after admission (thinking this might be a plus since they haven't already slotted me into a position). As brief background, my partner and I are expecting and I am due in November. We've considered all the options and have decided that giving birth in the middle of the first seme
  4. Thats so exciting! For Pop Health? Fingers crossed for you. I'll definitely send them a note
  5. Anyone else laughing at some of these generic emails from schools? Just got a "Join us for a Virtual Open House" general email from Northeastern's Grad School. Applied back in November and heard nothing back (assumed rejection since the acceptances went out) and now this email. This process can be so strange, you have to laugh sometimes!
  6. Sending you a message! We are totally in the same boat. Not looking forward to that conversation
  7. WOW. I just came to this thread to post the exact same question as you. I'm right around 6 weeks and would be due early November (fingers crossed everything works out). I'm pretty set on the fact that I won't be able to start my PhD next year because I really want to take advantage of some good company and state maternity leave but I have no clue how to have the "please please pretty please let me defer a year" conversation. I understand completely where you're coming from - this is a very wanted and exciting pregnancy but I also still care deeply about my PhD opportunities. Do you have
  8. I love this perspective! So true, thanks for bringing us all back down to reality. If we really think about it, we are all so incredibly lucky to have the educational background, work experience, support from partners/family/friends, and the resources needed to be going through this process. Not that knowing that takes away from all the stress involved but it's a fun reframing for when we get too wrapped up in things.
  9. I'm on the same page as @ASA15. The rank is one piece of the puzzle (and obviously more important if you're trying to stay in academia) but so is your advisor match, the city you'll be living in, the funding and impact on your quality of life, etc. etc. If it was me, and most of those conditions seemed to be met, I would want to accept an offer this year and keep the momentum going to attend in the Fall. Again, that's a personal preference and my outlook is - regardless of where I go (within reason ), there will be good things that come out of it.
  10. Thank you! Super helpful to know this is somewhat standard. Definitely alleviating a little bit of panic
  11. Hi friends. I had an interview today for a program and left a little confused about how their funding works. Is it normal for programs to send acceptance without funding information and start the process to decide funding and GA/RA positions after that? I always figured an acceptance would come with funding information and some information about the potential GA/RA position. Am I totally off base? Or does it depend on the school? Thank you in advance for your input!
  12. That was me! Probably a good sign that you didn't receive an email today. Or at least not a bad sign
  13. I haven't asked about the virtual or in-person question but great reminder to send as a follow up to interviews. On your first point about supportive and flexible programs - does anyone have any great ways to ask about this during interviews? Yesterday during a call I basically said "you must see students in a phase of life when they may be building families, dealing with aging parents, etc. How do you support students with their outside responsibilities?". Anyone have any better ways that I can steal?!
  14. Agreed, thanks for starting this! I don't have much to add as we don't have kiddos yet but would like to in the next year or so which would make me a first year PhD student. My partner works nights right now (which could change) and it's a great job but we would have to get very creative about how to manage everyone's schedules. We also will likely be moving away from family (his) since it doesn't look like I'll be getting into any Boston-based programs so there goes the free childcare When the time comes, I'm hoping we can find a good solution for babysitting/daycare while I am in class but
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