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  1. Got my rejection today from UofT... 😔 Even though I tried to mentally prepare myself for this, still stings. It was one of my top choices and had a good conversation going with a POI throughout 2020 so I thought I had some chances... I have absolutely no confidence for this cycle... 😩
  2. As if it wasn't stressful enough to wait to hear back from the programs I have applied.... My daughter decided to play pretend cooking on my laptop WITH WATER!!!! 🙈 It is now water damaged and I have to bring it in for a repair... ARGHHHHHH!!! All my school files, her pictures, tax info, MY LIFE is on there... 😭 Anyhow, how's everyone's week going?
  3. We may actually have to go this route too... I’ll be turning 36 in a couple of weeks and also just found out that we may need to go through preimplantation genetic screening... 🤔 Come join our “parenting” thread!
  4. I’m so happy that others have joined and started to discuss on multiple issues that I personally had thought and worried about! It’s so difficult to plan and anticipate for anything when we don’t know what’s to come... especially when most of us are still waiting to hear back from the schools 😕 I did distance studies for my master’s program because I knew I wanted to keep working while I studied. So for doctorate programs I aimed to do the same - especially with a kid, I knew for sure I had to find a distance program somehow... BUT I was genuinely surprised how hard it was
  5. Anyone else also having difficulties with your little ones during this pandemic?? My daughter has caught cold now so that means she has to stay home till she's symptoms free before she's allowed back in the daycare Argh!!! I try so hard to make sure she doesn't get sick but it's impossible 😕
  6. Okay I started the parenting thread!
  7. Hi everyone! So I was in the PhD/DrPH 2021 Application thread and we started talking about pursuing doctorate studies while balancing family responsibilities, raising kids, and/or planning to start a family. It was very comforting to realize that so many of us on this forum were on the same boat as me, and to know that I was not crazy thinking perhaps I can work, raise a kid (and plan for more) and do doctorate all at the same time! 😅 Since it helped me feel a lot more positive and confident about my decision to keep chasing my dream, I thought I should start a thread in hopes that
  8. YES!!! And we rant on there and give each other virtual hugs!!
  9. Maybe we should make a "Parenting and Doctorate" thread! hahahaha It's so nice to know that we are not alone in this!
  10. Thank you so much for this quote!! I needed to hear this. ❤️ I'm also guilty for being super focused on my career... I just wish the admission committees knew how much I want it to happen!! 😅
  11. My daughter was not planned and I had her two weeks before my final year of master's program started lol! I was so sleep deprived I don't remember much of that year hahahha! But hey, I passed it and graduated! And here I am applying for doctorate programs! BUT it would be a lie if I say I enjoyed looking after an infant and study at the same time. It was super duper tough!! Hence why I am trying to see if I can plan better if we go ahead with a 2nd one...but my body clock is ticking sooooooo we might make another accident again lol! That being said, It's NOT impossible! Life happens (and
  12. Yayyyy!! Congrats little one!!! 🥳 I remember when mine took her first steps and from then on I was like a madwoman running around the house and trying to make sure she doesn’t hurt herself 😭 Honestly I don’t know how babies don’t end up killing themselves 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ They are crazy dangerous all the time!!!
  13. Can I join the club too!!?? 😆 My girl is 3.5 yrs old ☺️ We are thinking about adding another lil monkey to our family also.... 😬 Is it crazy to plan for pregnancies while studying doctorate?? 🤔 I really hate that women have expiry date 🤦‍♀️ There’s been so many rough days and nights that I seriously wondered if pursuing doctorate was the right choice for me but I just couldn’t give up on my dream!! Research is my passion and no matter how difficult it’ll be, I want to do it with my family around me ☺️ I think it’ll be worth it! So much more!
  14. I'd like to know also!!! Radio silence ever since the application deadline.....
  15. Good luck to you also!! We are all in this together! 💪
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