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  1. I'm (kind of) in the same boat! I found out I'm pregnant and due in early/mid Nov, and am waiting on 1 school. I so badly want to get in and do this, but if they let me in I'm going to have to have the "love you and your program, just don't think it would be the best idea for me to have my first kid (hopefully! 🤞) 2 months into the first year of the PhD program" chat 😅
  2. Also rejected from Columbia Epi Phd. Didn't get an interview invite so wasn't feeling hopeful, but got my MPH there and have built up nearly a decade of work experience since then 🤔 😪 At a loss...
  3. Waitlisted for NYU GPH Epi. Had an interview a few weeks ago that went really well.
  4. This is sooooo helpful! Updating the list based on @ASA15's notes and adding Columbia's from their program handbook and what I can remember about NYU. Please feel free to copy this list and add info on other programs!!! - Brown: 36K guaranteed for 5 years, TA required all semesters - BU: 36k guaranteed for 4 years, no TA required - Columbia (Mailman): 35k guaranteed for 5 years, TA required for 1 semester - Emory: >30k stipend for an unknown duration, (TA requirements unknown) - Harvard: 36k guaranteed for 4 years, TA required for 1 semester (@hopeful2020PhD please
  5. I wouldn't worry about it. They all know we're applying to multiple programs. Because of life stuff I only applied to 2 programs, since we can't move cities. The profs and students I talked to were a bit stressed out for my odds, and actually encouraged me to apply to more. Point being - they're not going to take it personally. They know this is a huge life decision, and things will get sorted after the April 15th deadline. 😄
  6. Also haven't heard anything from Columbia Epi (no interview, so not feeling hopeful). I just logged into the applicant portal and it still has the "thank you for your application" with the technical difficulty note from November. *sigh*
  7. Anyone hear anything from Columbia Epi PhD? I saw that someone posted their rejection in the Results page for the EHS PhD, so at least that department seems to be moving This page for others that didn't realize there's a place to post interviews/accepts/rejections on here too: https://www.thegradcafe.com/survey/index.php?q=Mailman&t=a&o=
  8. Yeah - it was all 4 departments (biostats, epi, hpm & sbs)
  9. NYU update - They told us (approx 35) today at the NYU PhD Interview day event that we were the short-list for the program. Sharing the info in case others are waiting to hear from NYU and weren't at the interview day. I've really appreciated the updates on here, even if they weren't going the way I had hoped. Definitely prefer getting updates more in real time than the radio silence. Crossing all my fingers and toes for you all!!
  10. Is the results page the "Applicant Portal" in the email we each got when Columbia got all our app materials & it was ready to review? Asking because I feel like there may be another results page I'm missing 😅
  11. Thanks for sharing the info on Columbia Epi! I haven't even gotten an update email (uhhhhhhh...) so guessing that's not a great sign. Based on my deductions of what's on their website I thought they didn't do interviews. Sigh. Thank you a million for sharing the info!! This is literally the only way I know what is going on.
  12. I had an interview for NYU Epi PhD this week, and am going to an "interview" day event for NYU next week. I think @teabunny is also interviewing for the NYU PhD, though in a different dept. Haven't heard anything on Columbia Epi PhD.
  13. Wow wow wow!! I have to say a huge thank you to everything you've contributed to the field (and the world!) so far in your career. You're a rock star and going to continue doing great things. 😄 Also - shoutout from another MCH researcher later in her career considering having a kid during PhD apps/school!! I did AmeriCorps but still feel a bit of camaraderie with you there too. You rock! 🤩
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