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  1. My programs didn’t require a writing sample, but I think I would have used a grad school paper.
  2. While research experience can certainly set you apart, I don’t think it is the end all be all for DrPH programs. I have minimal research experience but was accepted to all of the programs I applied to. I think there were a few things that helped me. I have a great deal of leadership experiences from grad school and within my work. Although only in the field 6 years, I’ve had increasing responsibilities and have actively sought out experiences that make me a better leader and public health practitioner. In my personal statement I was able to paint a clear picture of why I love public health and
  3. I got my fellowship rejection last Tuesday.
  4. Same 😞. Still 95% sure I’ll be attending though since Hopkins is my first choice.
  5. Congrats!!! It only takes one ☺️
  6. Congrats!! I will be in that concentration as well!!
  7. Thanks for the update. Hopefully that means Monday lol.
  8. Looking forward to connecting with you all and supporting one another during this journey. Received my first acceptance today (still in shock) and now I really need to start getting my life together lol.
  9. I would love to connect!! Congrats!!
  10. Anyone else doing the Health Equity and Social Justice concentration?
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