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  1. Thank you for your reply!! his is very helpful! I, too, have 6 years of experience -- but mostly from work. Some programs ask for a writing sample - can you share what sample you chose to provide, as in was it work-related or a school essay?
  2. Since this PhD app cycle wasn't as successful as I hoped it would be, I am trying to re-evaluate my application and re-apply for Fall 2022. Those who applied to DrPH programs - how important is research experience in this case? What do you think helped you to get in? thanks!
  3. Guess it's my turn to say that Duke University (PhD in Population Health Sciences) invited me for an interview. Much excitement
  4. Happy to see some people getting acceptances My anxiety level is now astronomical - I just need any decision notice at this point to calm down haha
  5. Just got rejection notice from NYU Grossman / Vilcek. It was one of my top choices. Oh well...
  6. I'm in the same boat. Still waiting. Applied to 9 programs.
  7. I'm waiting from NYU and haven't heard back either
  8. Happy New Year everyone Any updates from Harvard's PHS in Global Health and Population (Health Systems) and Johns Hopkins' Health Systems? I can't figure if both programs require an interview
  9. Did anyone hear back form NYU Grossman / NYU Vilcek (previously NYU Sackler)? I've applied to their Population Health track... Historically all interview invites were sent out around Dec 19th. This is one of my top choice. The waiting game >_<
  10. I'm curious is the majority of applications are to the epidemiology tracks. I'm hoping for admissions to the health systems track though...
  11. Thought to share mine now: UG Degree and GPA: BS, 3.44 medium-sized university Grad Degree and GPA: MPA, 3.47, top-5 program GRE: None Publications: 1 mid-author Letters of Recommendations: 3 strong letters from renowned faculty and employers Experience: 5+ years of experience in research and health policy, and 1 year of global health consulting experience Applying (all PhD programs): Harvard (Health Systems), Johns Hopkins (Health Systems), UNC, Duke (Population Health), NYU, Boston U, Brown, Rutgers
  12. Do we know when to expect first emails re: interview invites? From last years posts, I saw some programs sent notifications as early as December 20th (for both acceptance and interviews).
  13. My main question is how good is the public health phd program at SDSU?
  14. To share my bit of experience with SOPHAS (and pretty much other apps) - the process was much faster than expected and honestly didn't seem as anxious as I thought it would be. Either way - good luck to all of us! Let's hope we'll get in to our dream school :D
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