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  1. Did anyone apply to Columbia Sociomedical Sciences PhD but was instead accepted to the masters program?
  2. They told me they already sent out interview invitations and might do another round of invitations.
  3. I hope not! I don’t need any negativity today 😂😂
  4. Haha same! I checked the results page from last cycle and people were getting rejected in late March!
  5. By chance, is there anyone still waiting to hear back from Columbia - Sociomedical Sciences? It’s been radio silence since I submitted in November.
  6. Hey, I applied to the same program and I haven’t heard anything at all. I emailed them yesterday and that’s when I was told about some interview requests being sent out. They may do another round of interviews but I’m not sure 😕
  7. Received my 4th rejection in a row today. I am still waiting to hear from 3 other programs but I’m honestly losing hope for this cycle. It’s a tough pill to swallow knowing that I’ll have to go through this whole process all over again but can’t give up. Good luck to those that’s still waiting!
  8. If anyone is also waiting to hear from NYU- Global Public Health, I was told that they already extended interview invitations to applicants a few weeks ago. They might do another round of interviews but no decisions have been made yet.
  9. I also applied to UIC but no word. I know they’ve been contacting some people via phone for acceptances. I emailed and they said we should hear 1-2 weeks from now.
  10. I truly hope that is the case here! I just don’t want to get my hopes up lol. I sent them an email asking for any updates/timeline for a decision so fingers crossed! Congratulations on your acceptance!
  11. I checked my UIC portal and it says “Additional Review Required”. Last week it said “under review” or something like that. Has anyone received something similar from UIC or another institution? I read this on the admissions FAQ’s page: Once a program has communicated a recommendation for admission to our office, the application will undergo a brief final review within the Office of Admissions to determine if Graduate College approval is needed. My anxiety is running rampent right now 😭
  12. Ah ok. I’m assuming if I haven’t heard anything by now for an interview then it’s most likely bad news for GW.
  13. Hey! I applied to the Social Behavioral Health program at GW. I heard from UNC-MCH on Tuesday or Wednesday and the email just said the generic thank you for applying but unfortunately we cannot offer you admissions blah blah
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